Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday Night Photo Dump | July - September 2017

The end of our summer and beginning of fall was a whirlwind of activity, including a trip to POC,   the start of kindergarten, and BB's memorial. These are the beautiful in-between moments.

Two thumbs-up for Black's Bar-B-Que during our road trip back from the coast.

I love spending time with old friends when I am down in Austin.

When Dad takes you to get your hair cut. 

With my girls on a lovely Friday night. 

All smiles at her first dentist appointment. 

The "Ridiculous Sausage Sandwich" met its match.

Buy one get one free.

Wedding party fun. 

 This boy is baseball obsessed. 

Sometimes we get these sweet sibling moments. 

This photo kills me. Josh looks so pretty with a mini-pony tail. 

Playroom fort goals.

Josh and his buddies took a fun (understatement) trip to Vegas and LA for the UT/USC game. 

Ry traded his last paci in for this firetruck.

Go Rangers!

I didn't have the heart to tell this sweet boy that he wouldn't be catching any balls up in the nosebleeds. 

But then, due to the kindness of a stranger, Rylan got his ball. A group of Army veterans were sitting in the row behind us, and upon seeing Ry with his glove in the air, one of the vets selflessly gave up the ball that he was presented with by the team before the game. It is now framed in Rylan's room, and we will ensure he knows the story as he grows up. Love.

Ava's last day of preschool was way harder on me than her first day of kindergarten. 

There may be nothing sweeter than watching your husband soothe your son to sleep.

Future shoe designer. 

Ava has also mastered the braid.

My pantry organization before and after. Make my Type-A heart so happy.

Kindergarten meet-the-teacher night is even better with sno cones.

And speaking of Kindergarten, this is pure #truth.

Such a fun Labor Day weekend with family.
Moms never get to pee in peace. 

Picking up this sweet girl from school is one of the highlights of my day.

Good hair days must be documented. 

A new talent. 

Ready to fight monsters in his sleep.

Grampsie's 60th birthday lunch.

Followed by snail hunting at his house.

And finally, what happens when cousins who are rarely in the same city drink a wee bit too much after their grandfather's memorial. And for the record, if he were there, BB would have been laughing, drinking (the strong gin and tonics), and dancing right along with us. 

(Dean was a llama. Clearly.)

#GreenOnions #AlbumCover

I'm so glad this has been documented for future reference ;).

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Daddy-Daughter Camping Trip

This fall, the girls from Ava's soccer team and their dads set off for a camping trip to Camp Classen in Oklahoma. They left early on Saturday morning, and we gave all the dads instructions to send us lots of photos.

Ava was so excited, and I think Josh was even more so. 

The girls started their adventure by decorating walking sticks.

Then it was time for the big hike. 

How cute are these sweet girls?!

We all assumed it would be a nice, leisurely hike. However, it was a legit climb!

Proud team at the top of the mountain. 

After the hike, it was time for a little fishing. 

Ava did her Grampsie proud by catching more than anyone else.

They rounded out the day's activities with some horseback riding.

Finally, it was time to retire to their campsite (aka two bunk bed-filled cabins).

The group ended the night with s'mores. As one should. 

These two had so much fun, and returned home all-smiles after a pit-stop for burgers and fries.

I foresee many more camping trips in this group's future.

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