Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Night Photo Dump | August-September 2016

August and September were jam-packed with sporting events, baby showers, a couple trips to Austin, LOTS of work, and even more fun. These are the lovely in-between moments...

That moment when you spot Grampsie on TV!

Enjoying the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

Celebrating Sarah's birthday with a pool party and adult "capri-suns."

Big girl ponytail.


Saturday-night selfies.

With kids in school year-round, the whole "back-to-school" thing is a bit anticlimactic around these parts. But you better believe I still documented it!

Sweet siblings waiting to get their hair cut. Ava asked that I take their picture.

A couple future Wildcats shopping for items to support the Woodrow Wilson Peace Pantry, which is such a wonderful idea! 

The best castle builder this side of the Mississippi. 

Will work for sticks.

Screen time with a side of good posture.

Because working at 1:00 am after everyone else has gone to bed sometimes necessitates a little silliness to stay focused. Glow glasses for the win.

Ava comes by it naturally.

Blurry but wonderful...

Tea party with Nana.

It's tough being two.

While the boys were away/asleep, Ava and I indulged in a cheese board + Project Runway. Now she requests it every weekend. 

Such a lovely picture of his grandma ;).

This only lasted for about five minutes, but I will take it. 

Beer pong fun at the Hubbard Oktoberfest party.

Splash-spashin Sunday.

After seeing all the fun posts, I couldn't help but join in on the #ThreeFictionalCharacters fun. But I couldn't pick just three (what does that say about me?).
Wagon picnic.

We aren't all smiling, it's half blurry, and I don't have any makeup on...but it's all of us in one photo. Dogs and all. Love.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Rangers + Horned Frogs

At the end of August, on a surprisingly "cool" Saturday, we decided a trip to the ballpark was in order. While Ava has been a couple times before, this was Rylan's first Rangers game. 

And it's safe to say that he is now officially obsessed with all things baseball.

Contemplating the deliciousness that is a ballpark hotdog.

It was such a great night, and I foresee many more Rangers games in our future. (Now if only they could win tomorrow! #nevereverquit)

And continuing the first-time-sporting-event theme, we took the kids to their first TCU game a few weeks ago. We purchased season tickets for the first time this year, and despite the Frogs' shaky season, I'm so glad we did.

The obligatory pose by Frog Fountain...

We got end zone seats, which are actually pretty great for the kids, and the shade was much needed.

We didn't manage to get a picture, but Rylan (and his hot dog) were featured on the big screen during the game. 

The cameraman came up from the sidelines all the way up to us in order to film him. But I don't blame him. This kid is too cute to pass up...

Studying the program.


Go Frogs!!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Summer Break in Austin + DFW Restaurant Week 2016

Since the kids are in school all year, they only get a week-long summer break. I had originally planned on taking the whole week off as well, but with work reaching an all-time high of craziness, I had to call in some major reinforcements...aka my family.

While I worked from our Austin office, Bunny, Nello, Grampsie, Nana, and my siblings were all such a huge help! And the kids loved every minute of their week in Austin.

It was rainy and cool the whole week (in August!), so there were forts built and cookies made.

As well as lots of time spent snuggled up while watching movies.

And some craft projects. I will treasure this card from Ava forever...she knows me so well and only my mom would have wine bottle stickers on hand :).

The rain broke for long enough one day that we were able to enjoy an outing at the Austin Nature Center.

Then my parents went above and beyond by keeping the kids through the weekend while I returned to Dallas. By happy coincidence, it was also DFW Restaurant Week, so we took full advantage. 

On Friday night, we joined one set of friends for dinner at Capital Grille. As in years past, we enjoyed not only great food and company, but also LOTS of wine thanks to the restaurant's Generous Pour event. 

After enjoying a cool, rainy morning on the porch, Taco Joint delivered to our door for brunch, and a long nap (aka: a totally blissful day)...

We joined more friends for a fun dinner at Filament. The Deep Ellum restaurant had such a cool vibe, and the food was amazing (highly recommend both the deviled eggs and banana pudding)!

It was a much needed weekend of relaxation and fun in the midst of a chaotic summer!

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