Friday, September 23, 2016

Summer Break in Austin + DFW Restaurant Week 2016

Since the kids are in school all year, they only get a week-long summer break. I had originally planned on taking the whole week off as well, but with work reaching an all-time high of craziness, I had to call in some major reinforcements...aka my family.

While I worked from our Austin office, Bunny, Nello, Grampsie, Nana, and my siblings were all such a huge help! And the kids loved every minute of their week in Austin.

It was rainy and cool the whole week (in August!), so there were forts built and cookies made.

As well as lots of time spent snuggled up while watching movies.

And some craft projects. I will treasure this card from Ava forever...she knows me so well and only my mom would have wine bottle stickers on hand :).

The rain broke for long enough one day that we were able to enjoy an outing at the Austin Nature Center.

Then my parents went above and beyond by keeping the kids through the weekend while I returned to Dallas. By happy coincidence, it was also DFW Restaurant Week, so we took full advantage. 

On Friday night, we joined one set of friends for dinner at Capital Grille. As in years past, we enjoyed not only great food and company, but also LOTS of wine thanks to the restaurant's Generous Pour event. 

After enjoying a cool, rainy morning on the porch, Taco Joint delivered to our door for brunch, and a long nap (aka: a totally blissful day)...

We joined more friends for a fun dinner at Filament. The Deep Ellum restaurant had such a cool vibe, and the food was amazing (highly recommend both the deviled eggs and banana pudding)!

It was a much needed weekend of relaxation and fun in the midst of a chaotic summer!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lauren's Baby Shower

At the end of July, I helped host a shower for Lauren and Baby Gwendolyn. Seeing as how she is due any day now, it's about time I get these photos posted.

Ashley's backyard is absolutely gorgeous, and it served as the perfect backdrop for the festivities. In keeping with the floral theme, we displayed flowers everywhere, including as a beautiful table runner.

We set up a lovely mimosa bar/spa water station... 

And also had lots of yummy brunch-style appetizers on hand...

But my favorite thing by far were these adorable cookies (Hayley Cakes did a fantastic job as always)...

For the shower activity, we set up a bow/headband-making station, which was super easy thanks to Etsy.

Lauren and Gwendolyn received so many wonderful gifts.

It was such a wonderful day, and we had so much fun showering Lauren and Baby Gwendolyn with lots of love.

I've been friends with this beautiful lady for almost 25 years (how are we that old?!), and I cannot wait to watch her embark on the wonderful adventure that is motherhood.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Night Photo Dump | May-July 2016

The last few months have been super busy and the summer has completely flown by! Here is a little recap thanks to all the random photos from my iPhone...

Enjoying one of the last cool weekends of the spring (note the sweater) with a stroll down to a neighborhood cafe. Ava insisted upon pushing the stroller.

Jill and I will never be too old to snuggle up on the couch...or laugh hysterically. 

Bubble blowing in pajamas. Doesn't get much better than that. 

This picture is super blurry, but it captures their love for hide-and-seek.

Popsicle date with my best girl at Steel City.

Bunny and Aunt Charlotte came for a fun visit in May.

We enjoyed a girls' night out at Victor Tangos that Friday night.

And then they watched the kids on Saturday, so Josh and I could enjoy a date night at the Dave Matthews concert. 

Ava looks like such a big kid here.

Rylan was so sad to leave Maestra Caro and Maestra Emma's class, but PK-2 here we come!

Crazy hair day at school (chalk + a little water works quite well).

When you don't have anything to wear for superhero day, "Bandana Boy" it is. 

Testing out his birthday gift. It's cheap. It's plastic. And he absolutely loves it!

Ava got in on the action as well.

And they cooled off with a little fun in the sprinklers.

Baby Alex made his debut, and he is absolutely perfect! 

We took the kids to see their first movie at a theater: Finding Dory.

It started out well, but things quickly went downhill during the second half of the movie. Josh spent the last portion out in the lobby with Ry, and Ava had to be convinced to go back in after insisting upon joining them. Maybe next time.

What a crazy Friday night looks like these days. #TurntUpToddler

Nothing to see here...just a couple stuffed animals.

The stomach bug hit our entire family with a vengeance. Blerg.

We also lost power one night due to a strong storm, and Ava kept us entertained outside.

Josh and I enjoyed a fun night out at my Firm's casino night party.

Never trust a quiet kid.

Wedding dress shopping with Hannah!!

Ava and I are so excited to be a part of Hannah and Jordan's special day.

Girls' night shenanigans.
Precious cargo.

I traveled to Austin to host a baby shower for Lauren at the end of July, and Josh kept the kids in Dallas with the help of Grammie. While they held down the fort...

I got to hang out with my Dad and all the Bratton sisters...

Taste Grampsie's famous homemade garlic butter (and keep him up way past his bedtime to watch Stranger Things)...

As well as enjoy some kid-free time in the pool with a margarita in hand. Heaven.

The summer is coming to a close, and we couldn't be more excited for fall!

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