Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lymphoma Research Foundation Masquerade Event

For the second year in a row, we attended the "Don a Mask, Uncover a Cure" wine tasting and masquerade charity event supporting the Lymphoma Research Foundation. 

Not only did we get to support a great cause, we also enjoyed a wonderful night out with friends.

The guys were looking especially dapper in their masks...

And the icing on top of the cake...I won the TCU prize package in the silent auction. 

Go Frogs!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fair Day 2013

October is one of my favorite months for many reasons, including the fact that the State Fair of Texas is open for business. Ava was too young to really enjoy the Fair last year, so we were really excited to see her reaction this year. 

After making the almost hour-long trek from the parking lot located in what felt like Oklahoma (we were spoiled last year with a friend's fantastic parking pass), Josh, Ava, Jill, and I met up with the Arnolds in front of the brand new Big Tex. 

Ava and Henry really enjoyed their second annual Fair date :).

And Ava really, really loved her first Fletcher's corny dog. 

After one bite, Ava stole my corny dog and barely let me have any more. But I don't blame her. Those things are damn good.

The Arnolds got in on the corny dog action as well. 

We also tried out this year's award-winning "Cuban Roll." It was amazing. 

After a little stroll down the midway...

It was time to see if the kids were tall enough for any of the rides... 


The swings seemed like the best option. And even though Ava wasn't exactly sure what to think at first, she was loving it by the end.

But the petting zoo was by far her favorite part of the trip.

Ava would get upset when the goats wouldn't come eat her food. She would yell "goooooat!" in hopes of inciting them.

Finally, a hungry goat.

And then one came by and ate all her food....cup and all.

And with that, our 2013 Fair Day came to a close. 

With fun memories and stomachs full of fried food, we hopped on the tram in hopes of eventually making it back to our car.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fifth Anniversary

Friday, October 4 was our fifth wedding anniversary (time really does fly when you're having fun...and chasing around a toddler)! To celebrate, we decided it would be fun to have an "Anniversary Skip Day" from work. And let me tell you, it was a brilliant idea.

After dropping off Ava at daycare, Josh had to go in to work for a couple hours in the morning, so I went back to sleep for a bit (clearly). Then we headed to lunch at Matt's, which included lots of greasy food, Bob Armstrong Dip, and sangria-ritas. Perfection.

Then it was time to change into our PJs and curl up on the couch for an afternoon movie and TV marathon...something that is an extremely rare occurrence these days.

It was so nice to enjoy a relaxing, kid-free day together. Just like the old days :). 

In addition to our fun day on Friday, Josh and I enjoyed a nice dinner on Saturday at Fearing's. Even though it was exactly the same meal that I got last time (for our third anniversary), I couldn't help but order the fantastic tortilla soup as well as the filet that comes with mashed potatoes, a spinach enchilada, and chicken fried lobster. Yep...chicken fried lobster!

The folks at Fearing's are also incredible when it comes to dinner celebrations. Since we mentioned it was our anniversary, we not only received a free piece of "wedding cake" for dessert, but they also boxed up some treats to take home.

(You can see my dapper husband behind the box of goodies.)

It was such a wonderful anniversary! Here's to many, many, many more just like it.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Night Photo Dump: August & September 2013

As always, there were numerous miscellaneous photos taken on my iPhone that didn't manage to make it on to regular blog posts in the last couple months. So, without further ado, here is our August and September 2013 according to my random photos...

Enjoying a miraculously cool August night on the patio at Times Ten.

Saturday morning lounging.

A successful new Pinterest recipe...broccoli cheese quinoa casserole

I love Ava's hair.

My baby sister is now a college freshman...and a Tri Delt!!!

"Say cheese!"

The start of TCU football season. 

Baby BFFs: Ava and Abby. 

Hatch green chile season! These chips are so, so good. Like Doritos on crack.

Ava's first doughnut. 

The best part about making your favorite casserole for friends with a new baby is that you can double the recipe and enjoy it yourself.

A fun night out at Victor Tango's.

Hairstyle by toddler. Definitely a good look.

Teaching her baby how to honk the horn.

The photo Ava took of the dogs (and my foot). #nofilter

Enjoying some watermelon at Ollie's birthday party.

The third Cards Against Humanity card that the maid found under the couch...the previous two being "Elderly Japanese Men" and "My Sex Life." She must think we are nuts.

Finally putting together the playscape that we bought Ava for her February.

She absolutely loves it!

Dinner at Si Tapas with my girls. Aka...lots of sangria and lots of laughter. 

Sweet Louie.

Ava and Grampsie.

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