Saturday, September 9, 2017

WINOS Weekend 2017 | Day Three

After a wonderful day of wine tasting, we spent our last day of vacation exploring the town of Los Olivos. Everything about the tiny town is absolutely lovely, from the quaint restaurants and shops, to the plethora of wine tasting rooms, to the adorable town square. All within walking distance, and not to mention the gorgeous weather.

We started with brunch at the Los Olivos Wine Merchant & Cafe. Our meal was excellent, but even better was the celebrity siting of John Corbett, who was even more handsome in person. He even held the door open for us...sigh. 

Then we moved along to our first wine tasting at Zinke Wine Co. The tasting room is located in a cute little house with an expansive yard complete with various seating areas and yard games. Bonus points for good wine. It would be such a fun place to host a private event. 

It was the perfect place to enjoy National Rose Day.

One of the strange things about the tasting rooms is that most don't have restrooms, but there is a public restroom located at the church in the center of town (a very short walk from everything). I'm so glad the bathroom issue caused us to visit the church, because it was beautiful. 

For our second stop, we headed down the street to Epiphany and The Bubble Shack, which are both owned by Fess Parker and are located right next to each other. Most of the girls chose the tasting from Epiphany, but Erin and I went with the bubbles. And it was one of the few places where I purchased a bottle...the Sibling Bubblery Sparkling Grenache. So good!

After getting rid of the Stage 5 Clinger group of LA 20-somethings that we met, we headed across the street to Saarloos and Sons. We had a very entertaining private tasting with the owner, which included a cupcake pairing thanks to the fabulous Enjoy Cupcakes

Best. Idea. Ever.

Saarloos also had by far my favorite wine of the trip, and we all purchased some bottles.

After one more glass of wine at Carhartt, which has such a fun little back patio, we headed back to the house where we enjoyed a giant cheeseboard, dance party, lioness posing (which is clearly going to be the next big Internet photo theme), and some lovely naps.

After our relaxing afternoon at the house, we walked back into town for dinner at Bear and Star, the brand-new, and very tasty, restaurant inside the Fess Parker Inn.

After a long and very fun day, we called it an early night. 

We had to leave fairly early on Sunday to make it back to LA for our flights, but not before stopping for breakfast and coffee at Corner House Coffee. I highly recommend this adorable little spot...and we learned way too late that they also serve the famous McConnell's ice cream.

We had such an absolutely wonderful weekend filled with lots of wine, food, laughter, and love. There really aren't enough good words to describe it. 

But this blurry photo says it all...

Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Night Photo Dump | April-June 2017

I am going to take a short break from the WINOS Weekend posts to add all our random photos from April through June. With Hannah and Jordan's wedding, lots of end-of-school activities, and trips to Charleston and California, it was a really busy few months!

Early morning snuggles with my little buddy. He often says "You my mommy, you my friend," and it completely melts me.

Ava's school project where they had to copy a famous piece of art.

A little basketball on a cold spring morning.

I am a firm believer in not letting your kids win. 

What happens when your big sister dresses you.

Piggyback rides (eek!).

A wonderful brunch at Top Knot to celebrate Erin's birthday.

Helping Daddy with some yard work.

 Ava and her preschool BFF.

A beautiful night for a Rangers game (and great seats!).

Mother's Day dinner with Grammie and the cousins.

Ava's summer cut. She looks so old!

 Crisis averted on Josh's suspicious mole. I legit laughed out loud at this text.

Donuts with Daddy while Mommy was in Charleston. 

Cheers to zero Saturday morning plans, this beautiful coffee mug, and the kids playing independently long enough for me to enjoy the coffee while it was still hot.

Memorial Day fun with the cousins.

The week of Memorial Day, I stayed home with the kids and played SAHM for a few days. It rained most of the week, but we made the best of it with playdates and lots of random activities.

The popcorn was definitely Rylan's favorite part of the game.

How moms celebrate birthdays.

Someone was very excited about his first baseball glove. Thank you, Grampsie!

Birthday party fun at the Frontiers of Flight Museum.

Donut date with Daddy.

Tickle monster.

The tooth fairy visited our house for the first time!

My favorite baseball-watching buddy. #GoFrogs

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