Sunday, April 29, 2018

Ava's Sixth Birthday

"But now I am six. I'm as clever as clever. So I think I'll be six now forever and ever." - A.A. Milne

Our clever girl turned six in February, even though I swear she was just born last year, and it made my heart so happy to give her the painting my Great-Grandmother gave me on my sixth birthday.

Ava has grown so much this year, and our little Kindergartener is becoming more and more independent every day. Yet, she still very much needs quality time with us and loves snuggling up to read or watch movies. 

Ava is incredibly smart, a little artist who loves to draw and design shoes out of paper, a total night-owl, an amazing reader, both sweet and sassy, a loyal friend, both shy and outgoing, a girly girl, a master of the elementary school monkey bars, a fun and bossy big sister, and an absolutely wonderful daughter.

And even though she is her Daddy's twin, I know Ava inherited at least some of my DNA, because she chose Chuy's for her (early) birthday dinner.

Ava also got to open a few early birthday presents and cards from her grandparents.

Then she woke up on her birthday to some presents from us, including the painting, and our traditional birthday donuts.

Then it was time for the big event...Ava's party at Pump It Up. She had so much fun celebrating with her family and friends, including classmates, soccer team, and preschool friends (more than 30 glad it wasn't at our house!).

[Shout-out to Amazon Prime for saving this working mom during a crazy week when her daughter requested a birthday crown the day before the party.]

Baby Ben even made it to the party :)

Our sweet six-year-old had an absolutely magical day. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Friday Night Photo Dump | October - December 2017

A little "Friday Night Photo Dump" on a Sunday night, because I am still so behind on blogging.

Rain, rain go away.

The family that cheeseboards together. 

My fabulous co-workers at the Firm's 130th anniversary party.

We had a blast at Ava's first elementary school carnival.

Ava took this picture of me while we were getting our nails done and added the caption :).

We like to add a bit of new holiday decor every year, and this year we added some spooky Halloween lights.

Showing off their muscles.

Date night on the best patio in Dallas. 

While we didn't get season tickets this year, we did manage to make it to a couple TCU football games.

Why does Ava look like a teenager in this picture?!

The kids were on the jumbotron!

Beautiful October Sundays call for brunch on the patio. 

Ava rocked her first big school project/performance. She was the best letter F out there.

"Look, mama, my ears are so big."

Picking out the perfect pumpkins.

So much fun as always at the Hubb's Oktoberfest party.

Team Shep dominated beer pong.

Hocus Pocus night with Aunt Erin. #AmokAmokAmok #IPutASpellOnYou

Channeling her inner Wonder Woman with a little help from her sweet after-school teacher.

Daddy's little grilling helper.

When the lemon tree you got for Mother's Day two years ago finally gives you lemons, you clearly make French 75s.
For Josh's birthday weekend this year, we celebrated in Fort Worth with a little staycation, TCU/UT game (Go Frogs!), and a fabulous brunch at Fixture. Dad, Rhonda, and Lily joined us for the game as well. 

Stonewall Gardens Movie Night.

Watching college football with my little buddy while Josh and Ava were camping.

Bunny came up for Grandparents' Day and spoiled Ava with lots of goodies from the Book Fair.

Ava's class holiday party complete with an outdoor movie and tamale making thanks to some very talented moms.

We cleaned-up pretty nicely for Josh's firm holiday party.

Visiting Daddy's office over Christmas break.

The best new jammies ever. #FaLaLaLlama #MessyPlayroom

My loves. 

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