Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dinosaur World Field Trip

Each month the kids' school focuses on a different theme, and the theme for March was dinosaurs (which has only increased Rylan's fascination with the creatures). To kick off the month, they organized a field trip to Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, Texas.

We started off our visit by taking the "dinosaur walk," which featured 150 life-sized dinosaurs around the 20-acre property. The kids loved pointing out all the different dinos, and it was truly amazing to imagine those large creatures roaming around back in the day.

Then it was time for a fossil dig.

Followed by a little picnic lunch.

Then the kids ran off some energy on the fun prehistoric-themed playground.

Finally, we made our way through the fossil museum, which also included several animatronic dinosaur displays.

Rylan legit thought that these dinosaurs were real!

Despite the 1.5 hour drive, we had a great time, and I definitely recommend the trip for your dinosaur-loving kids. And between Dinosaur World, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, and Dinosaur Valley State Park, you could even spend a whole weekend in the cute little Texas town.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Night Photo Dump | January-February 2016

The first couple months of 2016 were crazy busy at work, but we managed to squeeze in quite a bit of fun as well. 

New Year's brunch date at Henry's Majestic. Those chicken and waffles!
These photos are blurry and out of frame because I had to slyly capture the kids quietly entertaining themselves. Light at the end of the tunnel, people.

"Look, mama, it has pom poms!"

Girls' night at Rapscallion filled with lots of wine and fried chicken.
Chalk time in January. Gotta love Texas.

I finally got around to turning in Ava's Camp Mystic application, and receiving this letter in the mail made my heart so happy. Second Term 2020 here we come! 

Date night with my handsome husband to see the Dallas Stars.

Our brave four-year-old after her shots.

Workin' on the bike.

And speaking of, don't mess with this chick.

My Mom babysat after Ava's birthday party so Josh and I could enjoy an early Valentine's date at Midnight Rambler and Americano in the Joule hotel. So good.

Ava enjoying some of her birthday gifts...

This year's Valentines brought to you by Pinterest + Amazon Prime

Ava wrote all of her friends' names and was so proud of herself.

Valentine's swag.

Ry got this dinosaur from Bunny and Nello for Valentine's, and it was love at first sight. He now carries it around everywhere saying "di-saur rawr."

Josh and Ava before the Daddy-Daughter Valentine's Dance. Be still my heart.

This sandwich from Ida Claire tasted liked heaven. I've been dreaming about it ever since.

Ava literally fell asleep mid-sticker.

Our winter weather in Dallas has been amazing! (But I fear what this summer has in store.)

And beautiful weather means spending as much time outside as possible, including lots of meals on patios.

This boy even looks cute while covered in queso.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Zoo Day

The last weekend in February we had no plans and a beautiful day ahead, so we decided a trip to the Dallas Zoo was in order. 

This was Rylan's first visit to the zoo since he was a little baby, and he was in awe! He would ride in the stroller between exhibits, but throw his hands up immediately upon stopping so he could get out and investigate.

"Say cheese!"

Despite this picture, I promise Ava was excited to ride the merry-go-round.

And so was Ry. 

Until next time, Mr. Giraffe.

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