Thursday, July 21, 2016

Memorial Day 2016 | Part One | Weekend Shenanigans

For Memorial Day weekend, we headed down to Grampsie and Nana's house in Port O'Connor with the kids, my sisters, Jordan, and cousin Tate. Why Stephen didn't make it down is a story for another day, but let's just say he was "stuck" in Lockhart :). 

There was a lot to celebrate this year, including Hannah and Jordan's engagement and Lily's 21st birthday! On Saturday night after the kids were in bed, we started off the festivities with celebratory tequila shots before walking to the local dive bar (thanks to Nana for babysitting!).

Much to Josh's dismay, I made Lily and the waitress recreate the ID check so I could capture a (blurry) photo.

Da boys.


We played lots of shuffleboard...

And drank lots of beer...
And the following is possibly my favorite series of photos ever.

We were posing with the "bathroom-door boy" (as one does)...

When suddenly someone opened the door from the outside and we all fell out. I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard. And the fact that I managed to capture this photo is amazing.

It was such a fun night and the perfect way to celebrate our baby sister turning 21. 

Dolphin Point Olympics

After hanging out (and recovering) all day Sunday, it was time for our annual Dolphin Point Olympics. This year, we had five teams: Rihanna Navy, Team Shep (#FirstPlaceTexasRangers), Kitty Kahuna, Team Nintendo, and Notorious B.A.G.

Ava joined in on the fun for the trivia round. 

But after both kids were asleep, it was time to get serious...with some beer pong.

Those eyebrows tho.

Next up: corn hole. 

And dancing...

And for the final round: ladder ball.

This year, we had an official trophy for the winners (and we are going to get all the yearly winners commemorated for posterity).

And after all the points were tallied, the future bride and groom (Notorious B.A.G.) were victorious.

Mark my words...Team Shep will make a comeback next year.

Up next: part two of our vacation, which was filled with fishing, beaching, and relaxing (as much as one can with two small children). 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Birthday Progressive Dinner at Trinity Groves

After heading down to Port O'Connor for Memorial Day (I need to get my act together on that massive blog post), Bunny and Nello kept the kids in Austin for a couple days so Josh and I could enjoy a small staycation for my (34th) birthday weekend. 

To celebrate the occasion, a group of our friends joined us out for a progressive dinner at Trinity Groves. It was our first time to visit the unique restaurant district and we had so much fun! The weather was amazing, so we were able to enjoy the string of connected patios all night.

We started with tapas and cocktails at Casa Rubia. Everything was delicious, and my favorites were the cheese board, crispy artichokes, chicken croquettes, and mushrooms.
For the main course, we moved on to Resto Gastro Bistro. The food was good, but a bit overpriced. The highlight was Josh asking if the fish special came with a whole fish or just the "breast," followed by our waiter coining the phrase "fish titties." So much laughter.

The Adolphs had to head to a Rangers game, and Erin had to drink her delicious cocktail faster than anticipated.  

Next we headed to the Kitchen LTO patio for more drinks.
For dessert, we picked up a couple slices from Cake Bar to enjoy on the patio (as if we weren't totally full already).
It was such a fun night, and I can't wait to go back to Trinity Groves to try out more of the restaurant options!

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