Friday, December 30, 2011

Dallas Shower and Baby Shep's Name

Earlier in December, Rachel, Jill, Molly, and Tori graciously threw me and Baby Shep a fabulous shower in Dallas. It was at Rachel's house, and everything was adorable!

Speaking of the adorable, the cute decorations had Baby Shep's name on full I guess it is time for me to announce her name on the blog...

Ava Elizabeth Shepherd

Everything was so cute, and the food was delicious!

And this adorable wreath is now hung on the door of Ava's nursery.

Ava was definitely showered with love and lots of fun baby stuff.

I had to get a picture with Ava's grandmothers, Grammie and Bunny :).

After the gifts were opened, everyone made onesies and burp cloths. It was such a fun baby shower activity!

Take a look at the finished products...

Thanks so much to the beautiful hostesses.

Ava is one lucky lady!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Baby Gifts from Josh's Office

Josh had his office holiday party last night, and I unfortunately had to miss it because I was sick all day yesterday (I thought I had escaped all "morning sickness" during this pregnancy!). I was especially sad that I missed the party when Josh came home with these two gift baskets from everyone in his office, which were filled with classic children's books and movies.

I can't wait to read these classics with Baby Shep...

And I definitely can't wait to watch one of my all-time favorite movies with her :). "Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens"....

Thanks so much to everyone at Curtis Castillo!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

32 Weeks

With all that has been going on the past few weeks, including Thanksgiving and my two baby showers (which I will post pictures of soon), I missed taking my 30-week belly picture.

So, the 32-week picture will have to do (and technically, I will be 33 weeks tomorrow).

With how large my belly is, I am very curious to see how big Baby Shep is going to be...I just hope she isn't 10 pounds like her Dad was :).

As of tomorrow, I only have four more weeks until I'm full-term and seven more weeks until my due date! So exciting!

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays...what's not to love about family all around, football on TV, and lots of delicious food.

This year, we had Thanksgiving at my Mom's house. It was nice to not have to cook anything this year, especially since being on my feet that much at 7.5-months pregnant would probably not have been pleasant (although I really do enjoy cooking Thanksgiving dinner).

This year was also the first time I got to enjoy the great combination that is Thanksgiving food and maternity pants :). I felt like Joey from Friends with his "turkey pants."

We had a great time, and my Mom's dinner and my Uncle Ryan's pies were as delicious as ever.

Here are a few shots of the family...

My Mom and Aunt Laura

My Cousin Grace, who is currently a Freshman at Pratt in New York, and her boyfriend.

Me and Mimi. This is not a great picture of either of us, but I had to include it. Mimi has had a tough couple of years dealing with Parkinson's as well as other health issues (not to mention the death of her husband, Jack), so we were all very thankful that she was with us to celebrate Thanksgiving this year.

Josh watching football and being silly.

Hanging out after dinner.

My Mom and Bonnie.

Jesse and his girlfriend, Nikki. Such a cute couple!

Me and Josh (and my preggo belly).

My lovely sister Charlotte, who is a Freshman at College of Charleston (and loving it!).

Charlotte can't wait to meet her niece :).

Not pictured are Jimmy, my cousin Isabel, and my Uncle Ryan....sorry guys!

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My name is Catherine, but most of my friends call me Cat. I was born and raised in Austin, went to TCU, and ended up in Dallas for law school (where Josh and I met). I decided that being an attorney was not my cup of tea and pursued a career in legal marketing. I am now a mother of two attempting to balance family with a full-time job, which is always an adventure. I love: my sweet babies, handsome husband, very large family, and fabulous friends; trying new restaurants; wine; TCU football; holidays; cooking; The Bar Method; pajamas; Topo Chico; reading; coffee; Central Market; carbs; the beach; mani/pedis; Anthropologie; binge-worthy TV shows and podcasts; trivia; French 75s; Pinterest; cheese boards; The Ticket; dancing; Sprinkles cupcakes; The Texas Rangers; fresh flowers; thunderstorms; naps; Tex-Mex; the Texas Hill Country; porch-sitting; ranch dressing; throwing parties; and my job. I hate: working-mom guilt; snakes; heights; waking up early; ignorant people; stomach bugs; paper cuts; green fruit; snoring; bad hair days; the sound of people eating (Misophonia); scary movies; bad drivers; pulpy OJ; trimming baby fingernails; and Miracle Whip. That pretty much sums it up.


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