Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WINOS Weekend 2014 | Part One

Sometime after our trip to Napa last year, we decided that we desperately needed an official girls' weekend each year...a few days filled with friends, food, laughter, and lots of wine. 

After much discussion, the WINOS (Women In Need Of Sangria) Weekend was born, and we set the date for the first one. Since I would have a teeny tiny newborn baby at the time, my friends graciously decided to hold the inaugural event in Dallas so that I could join the fun as much as possible. (However, we do plan on taking the show on the road most years.)

For those who could make it, we kicked off the weekend with mani/pedis on Friday afternoon. 

My mother-in-law graciously came up for the weekend so Josh would have some help with the kids while I was away from the house. But I felt bad leaving her alone with both babies on Friday, so Ava got to enjoy her first mani/pedi experience. 

My little girly girl loved every minute of it. 

We regrouped later that night at Jill's house for a low-key wine and cheese night. 

The sangria and was excellent. 

Did I mention we made shirts? It was clearly a necessity. 

Rylan crashed the party. He doesn't mind being surrounded by ladies :). 

Tiny crowns...because, why not?!

It was a fabulous start to the weekend!

Up next...a sangria-filled pool day and a delicious dinner on a gorgeous patio. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rylan's Newborn Photo Shoot

When Rylan was just under two weeks old, we had Jesse and Rachel come over to take some pictures of the little guy. Just like Ava's pictures, I absolutely LOVE how they turned out!

They also took some with Ava and Rylan, and I can't tell you how much these warm my heart. She is such a proud big sister. 

And finally, some sweet shots with Josh and me as well...

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Night Photo Dump: June & July 2014

To say that the last two months were eventful would be a huge understatement. I've already posted quite a bit, but here are some additional moments from June and July. 

Ava moved from the Nursery School to the Preschool (same school but different building, teachers, etc.) the first week of June and the adjustment was rough!

A frozen yogurt date for my birthday. 

Chalk painting. It held her attention for about five minutes. 
Josh and his Dad after the Spurs won. We almost changed Rylan's name to Tony Kawhi ;). 

Snuggle buddies. 

I'm so jealous of Ava's naturally highlighted hair with beachy waves. 

Ava spent a week in Austin after Rylan was born, and she had so much fun with my family. 

A much needed Starbucks run after Rylan threw several all-nighters in a row. 

Ava is very serious when it comes to nursing her babies. 

Making vanilla ice cream in celebration of National Ice Cream Day. 

Hello, old friend.

On an unusually cool July weekend, we joined some friends for a fun night at The Lot. 

Louie and Stella love snuggling with Ava's stuffed animals. 

Ava is quite the little fashionista and loves to accessorize, whether for a trip to the pet store with Daddy…

Or on a walk to the park…

Baby Brother tried to get in in the accessory action as well. They will fit eventually little man. 

A wonderful date night at Fireside Pies, complete with a long-awaited sangria, thanks to Bunny and Aunt Bee. 

Free Slurpee Day!

Surprise flowers from my sweet husband. 

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