Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Halloween 2018

This Halloween fell in the middle of the week, which is always kind of a bummer, but we still packed in a whole lot of fun.

My day started with room-mom duties at Rylan's school party.

Then I headed home to get ready for the Halloween party we co-hosted with our next-door neighbors. The original plan was to set up the party on our adjoining front lawns, but the weather had other plans. With steady rain all day, we made the call to move the party into our house. 

With the house ready to go, it was time to get into costume.

After watching all the Star Wars movies this summer, the kids chose Rey and Anakin as their costumes. No hot glue necessary this year!

I was very proud of the Rey hairdo. 

At the very last minute (Amazon Prime for the win!), Josh and I decided to join in on the Star Wars theme. We haven't dressed up in legit costumes since before the kids were born, and I'm so glad we did. This picture will forever make me happy. 

Our house was complete chaos during the party, but it was a blast. 

After hanging for a while, the whole crew headed out to trick-or-treat. As always, the block party on Vanderbilt didn't disappoint. 

Rey, her BB-8 bag, and her candy haul.

Another fun Halloween in the books!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

WINOS Weekend 2018

For our annual WINOS Weekend this year, we decided on a low-key weekend in Austin since Laura's  twins were still so itty bitty. We packed a lot of fun into a short amount of time, and as always, the weekend was filled with love, food, laughter, and wine.

Everybody met up at Lolly's house on Friday night, where we enjoyed a giant charcuterie board, lots of wine, and a dance party. It was an absolutely perfect night.

On Saturday morning, we got ready for our only outing. #BootieSeason

We headed downtown for a progressive brunch, starting at Walton's Fancy and Staple. It is the most adorable little place, and the avocado toast was so good!

Our next stop was Holy Roller, which was amazing. I mean...how do you go wrong with migas kolaches, fried chicken biscuits, delicious cocktails, and soft serve ice cream as a side dish?!

After all our food and boozy beverages, it was time to get comfy back at Lolly's house.

We hired a personal chef to come to Lolly's house to cook dinner. Not only was the food good, but Brittany was also super fun and put up with all our shenanigans :). 

We were too lazy to make a fire, so we cooked our s'mores by candlelight before snuggling up for a movie. It was the perfect end to a wonderful weekend.

Next year's WINOS Weekend can't come soon enough!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Family Photo Shoot

We haven't had a family photo shoot since Rylan's first birthday, so I was determined to get some new photos for this year's Christmas card.

After seeing her amazing work for a few friends, we booked a mini-session with Sarah Hamilton. The way she captures light in her photos is breathtaking, and she was also so wonderful to work with. After we finished, I was hopeful that she captured at least a few good shots. And then we ended up purchasing the whole set because we loved them all so much!

These are my favorites (aka almost all of them)...

It's so hard to pick an overall favorite, but I'm pretty sure this is it.

Now I just need to get around to framing some of these!

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