Monday, April 20, 2015

An Afternoon at White Rock Lake

A few weeks ago, we had a glorious Sunday afternoon on our hands and absolutely no plans. So we decided it would be the perfect time to feed the ducks at White Rock Lake. 

After some quick research, I found that Sunset Bay would be the best place to spot some ducks. (Click here for a map of the lake.) So off we went for a little adventure.

There was plenty of parking, and we didn't have to walk too far before spotting lots of ducks and geese.

Ava was a little frustrated that the ducks wouldn't come up super close.

But she threw that bread as far and as hard as she could :).

It was such a gorgeous day!

Of course, it was only after going through several pieces of bread that we noticed the "Please Don't Feed the Water Fowl" sign. Whooooops. 

Sunset Bay also offered picnic tables, a little playground, and plenty of open space for Ava to run around and fly the kite we brought. (I was trying to keep Rylan in the shade, so I couldn't get a closer shot of them in action.)

 Just as we were about ready to head home, we heard the sound of an approaching ice cream truck. Since it was Ava's first encounter with this magical childhood institution, she was a little overwhelmed with all the choices.

She ultimately went with the "Pink Panther," and was very pleased with her choice.

Sunday afternoons don't get much better than this. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring Break 2015

After my Mom took the kids down to Austin for the weekend of Jill and Steven's wedding, I joined them for the week of Spring Break and worked from Austin for a few days. 

Ava and Rylan enjoyed lots of good quality time with my family.

I took off the later part of the week, and my first order of business was taking the kids to ride the Zilker Zephyr, an Austin institution that brings back fond memories of my childhood. 

We enjoyed a little time at the park while we waited for the next train.

Then it was our turn for a ride on the train that doesn't appear to have changed at all in the last 30 years.

Lily and Sara joined our little adventure.

Rylan slept through the whole thing.

But Ava loved every second.

Only in Austin would there be a man randomly serenading the mini-train riders.

Train selfie :).

Then it was time to head back to Dallas, where Josh's parents joined us for a long weekend.

We all spent a rainy Friday hanging out at the Lockwood house, and I think Ava would have been just fine if we left her in that playroom all weekend.

Strike a pose.

My how Spring Break has changed :).

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Jill and Steven's Wedding

Jill and Steven were married on March 7, and it was such a wonderful night. As a bonus, my mom graciously took the kids for the entire weekend (!!!), so we were able to thoroughly enjoy the evening and sleep in the next morning. 

I didn't get any pictures before the ceremony, so I stole this from Jill's cousin, because I had to include at least one picture of the gorgeous bride!

After the ceremony, we all headed to Eno's Pizza for an intimate reception in their private room upstairs.

I wanted to help with something, and since Jill opted against floral arrangements, she asked if I could make chalkboard menu signs. I don't think I've ever been so nervous about a craft project :).

The food was amazing. This is the only picture I got, but it says it all. 

They brought in dessert from Emporium Pies for dessert. So good.

Then it was time to bust out the games.

And clearly our table chose Cards Against Humanity.

There may or may not have been lottttttts of alcohol ingested by our table (and the entire room) that night.

We had so much fun!

Since we clearly didn't get enough dessert earlier in the evening, we ordered a round of root beer floats.

And…thus was born the wine float. I promise it wasn't as gross as it looks. 

Finally, I have no idea what I was trying to capture in this photo, but it very accurately depicts the end of the evening. 

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