Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rylan's First Birthday Pool Party

Rylan's first birthday fell on Father's Day, so we opted to throw his party in Austin to be closer to all our family. Thanks to my Mom and Jimmy's membership, the party was held at the Austin Country Club pool. 

{Special thanks to my very talented cousin who created the adorable invitation and favor tags!}

I am totally a fan of hosting birthday parties at places other than my house...because no cleaning, cooking, or decorating. However, I clearly had to bring some decorations. It was his first birthday party after all. 

{Cupcakes/Smash Cake: Blue Note Bakery. Hat: Dainty Couture.}

Due to the rain in the forecast, they set us up in the covered cabana in lieu of next to the baby pool area as we had planned. Other than some slight decor adjustments to accommodate the long tables (and sadly the fish beach balls were supposed to be floating around in the baby pool), it worked perfectly. 

{Pails w/ Shovels: Party City. Favor Tags: Cake and Punch Designs. Sunglasses: Oriental Trading. Shark Tank Bubbles: Amazon. Pool Party Chalk: Michael's.} 

The birthday boy was ready for the festivities.

Ava, on the other hand, fell asleep on the way there and took a little snooze while we got everything set up.

We loved having so many friends and family members in attendance to celebrate the birthday boy. Of course, I only managed to get photos of about a third of the attendees...we were having too much fun :).

Luckily, the rain held off long enough for the kids to enjoy the pool for a bit.

And then it was time for cake!

Blue Note Bakery did such a fantastic job with the cupcakes and smash cake. The tiny pail of sand was ridiculously cute!

Ry wasn't sure what to think of the cake at first, but eventually dug in (although not as much as I would have expected for our big eater).

The crab was definitely his favorite part.

I think Lily and Ella liked their cupcakes too :).
We had such a wonderful time celebrating our little fella. 

And we wrapped things up just before the giant downpour. 

But I did manage to capture what is my new favorite photo just before we headed home. It is only fitting that after raising five daughters, my Dad's first grandson's first birthday would fall on Father's Day.

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