Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Rylan - One

Rylan turned ONE on June 21, which is slightly unbelievable. While it feels like it has been 3+ years since Ava was born, it seems like just yesterday I saw his sweet face for the first time. However, at the same time, it is hard to remember what life was like as merely a family of three.

Ava made us parents, and Rylan made our family feel complete.

And we are all so very lucky. This boy stole our hearts with his sweet disposition, huge smiles, and fun-loving personality. And don't get me started on those blue eyes and dimples!

It is amazing how much Rylan has changed in such a short amount of time. Our tiny 6 pound, 4 ounce baby boy was born with light brown hair and dark blue eyes. And now Ry has bright blue eyes, a full head of blonde hair, and a proud place at the top of the growth charts. It is fun to look back at this transformation through his monthly photos...

At a year old, Rylan is completely transforming into a little toddler. A very much boy toddler. He has so much energy and is constantly moving. But to make up for it, Rylan eats like a horse and will try pretty much anything. It's no surprise that he has gotten so big! He is also so much rougher than Ava was at this age and doesn't know his own strength. I feel like we say "gentle/suave" constantly while they are playing together. 

But Ava is so sweet and generally puts up with her "Baby Brudda," which is a good thing because Rylan idolizes her. And watching them play and giggle together makes all the crazy times with two small children completely worth it. I can't wait to watch their bond strengthen over the next year as Rylan's growth and development allows for even more playtime and sibling adventures. 

  • 22.15 pounds (the exact same weight Ava was when she turned one) (75%)
  • 31 inches (85%)
His doctor said that his growth chart is one of the steepest he has ever seen. You can't even see it all on one screen shot, but this gives you a pretty good idea…

  • Rylan has taken a few steps here and there and can stand unsupported for extended periods of time, but hasn't officially taken off yet. 
  • In addition to "mama," he now says "ball," "more," "vroom vroom" for cars, "woof," and an occasionally "bye bye."
  • He started pointing. Oh how I love that chubby little pointer finger. 
  • We are making the transition to sippy cups and milk. 
  • He dropped down to one nap a day (typically).
  • Doing anything outside - going on walks, swinging, hanging out. Fall weather can't get here soon enough. 
  • Being out and about rather than cooped up at home. Rylan makes for a great errand-running buddy.
  • Eating. Eating. Eating. 
  • Going to school. Rylan adores his teachers and friends. 
  • Dancing. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Miles from Tomorrowland songs are his jam. 
  • WubbaNubs. 
  • Playing and laughing with his sister.
  • Throwing things…especially balls. I plan on holding on to this video for when he is the quarterback for the Cowboys ;).

  • Independent play. Rylan is very social and prefers to be around others. 
  • When his mama leaves the room. 
  • Having his diaper/clothes changed. Trying to change him has officially become an athletic event.
  • Strangers. Rylan has recently entered the separation anxiety/stranger-danger stage. 
  • Having his nose cleaned. 

We love you sweet boy. Happy Birthday! 

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