Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Night Photo Dump | March & April 2016

The weather in March and April was beyond gorgeous in Dallas, and we spent as much time outside as possible. (I'm really missing that weather now that we have officially reached consistent 90-degree temps.) Ahhhh, spring...

Plant shopping at Home Depot.

Ava loooooves lipstick. Also, this picture is a giant flash-forward to teenage Av.

Enjoying a beautiful day and a fun fiesta for Lillian's fourth birthday.

We joined the Leos family for a special night at the Dallas Zoo, and got to see this sweet elephant taking a bath.

We also got an up close and personal visit with Aruba and Jamaica, two of the Dallas Zoo's friendliest flamingos.

Fire truck + "di-saur" = a happy boy.

Ava's school friends are so adorable.

Just before Easter we completed a huge backyard project: filling in two areas in our backyard (where the grass doesn't grow) with crushed granite. Which meant we had 9,000 pounds of the stuff delivered to our house. Holy moly.

Josh, with the help of our buddy Roger, did such a great job of creating our new patio/game playing space in the side yard. I will share some true "after" pics once it is all put together.

Big boy haircut. Sigh.

Chalking + sharing.

Almost exactly a year from her hospital visit last year, Ava made another trip to the ER. This time for a serious case of bronchitis with lots of wheezing. Scary stuff, but thanks to the breathing treatments she was back to normal within a couple days.

Springtime swingin.

And bug findin. 

Josh and Ava both love building castles. 

Hers are only slightly different.

She also loves fixing mama's hair. So pretty.

After eight years in this house, I finally planted an herb garden in the spot that has been calling for it. Ava was a great little helper.
This girl was also quite excited to release 1,500 ladybugs in the yard. How could I say no when she saw them at the register? 

When did this little guy get so big?

This is her "sweet smile," and I love it so.

Some serious baby shower planning complete with lots of wine and Lolly on FaceTime.

Popsicles on the patio weather. (Before the heat and mosquitos take over.)

And finally, a little front-yard wrestling. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ava's Dance Recital

Ava had her dance recital a few weeks ago, and the whole experience confirmed that there really isn't much in this world cuter than little girls in dance costumes. The recital was held at SMU's McFarlin Auditorium, and Ava was in two dances this year...ballet and tap. 

After parking in the law school parking garage, we had Ava pose for some pictures right in the middle of the area where Josh and I spent so much time back the day (crazy that it has been 10 years!).

The ballerinas waiting backstage for their time in the spotlight...

The ballet performance was to a slow version of "Pure Imagination," and it was so sweet. We took a video, but due to the distance and lights, you can barely see anything. 

After a quick change, it was time for tap. I only managed to snap one picture of her in the tap version of her costume, which was just a fringe skirt in place of the tutu. The tap dance was to "Sugar Sugar," and Ava rocked those shuffle steps.

Our little ballerina after the show... 

And while Rylan was a bit fussy/fidgety during the second half of the recital, I know there wasn't a prouder baby brother in the whole theatre.

Heart officially melted.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

 I was completely spoiled on Mother's Day weekend, starting on Friday with some adorable gifts/cards the kids made at school.

On Saturday, Ava and I enjoyed a mother-daughter mani-pedi date (complete with two lollipops for her).

We also made a trip to the local garden store to pick out my Meyer lemon tree along with the perfect pot. I can't wait to use these lemons to make some French 75s :).
On Sunday, I awoke to more gifts: a card complete with cheering hamsters and two beautiful new wine glasses for my collection. 

After a lazy morning around the house, Josh took Ava to run errands and enjoy popsicles at Steel City while Rylan and I both took long, glorious naps.

Finally, we headed to Chuy's, because in my book a Mother's Day dinner isn't complete without chips & queso and a margarita. 

And as I finished the day by snuggling up with Ava, telling her how much I appreciated my special Mother's Day, she asked why there isn't a Daughter's Day. Oh, darling, that is every day!

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