Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday Night Photo Dump | April - June 2018

I'm super behind on blogging. What's new?! So here's a little catch-up from a few months ago.

Similar to the unseasonably cold October we are currently experiencing, our April weather was completely wacko. Thus the winter wear on a spring trip to the zoo...

As well as the juxtaposition of Easter flowers, baseball on TV, and a fire in the fireplace. 

Backyard baseball.

The weather finally warmed up, and we enjoyed several fun spring parties with our elementary school friends. 

Thanks to a sweet friend for taking a very rare photo of me and the kids.

Two swords (plus a baseball bat) are better than one.


Preparing for my colonoscopy (which was really not as bad as I thought it would be!). With a family history of colon cancer, being proactive is so, so very important. 

Finally sprinkler weather!

Also, I am jealous of my son's abs.

Preschool carnival. Rylan rocked his solar system-themed performance. 

He also enjoyed his first Pixie Stix experience. #SugarRush

Pretty girl.

A little mid-week soccer game made this boy very happy.

Thanks to tickets from Josh's firm, we enjoyed a fun Rangers game with fantastic seats.

Teeny, tiny fingerprints on my computer.

Celebrating Mary K's 40th birthday. 

My sister asked for ideas on how to display her marathon medals. I'm pretty sure she should just go with our dinosaur method.

Sunday morning playroom fun.

Sometimes they are sweet to each other.

Day in the Life of a Working Mama: Daily Packing Edition. 

My work bag with school forms on top so I don't forget. Gym bag. Rylan's backpack with lunchbox, water bottle, snack, and jacket. My lunch. Soccer bag for after-school practice filled with Ry's gear, snacks, blanket, a book to work on Ava's reading minutes, and tissues because spring allergies are awful. Not pictured: Ava's backpack and lunch that had already left with her. #MentalLoad

Brunch bunch.

Our first viewing of The Sandlot. They loved it just as much as I hoped. #You'reKillingMeSmalls

Sweet friends.

Ava's potato haul from the school garden. Love this school.

At the Juells' Farewell Fiesta. We were so sad to see them move, and we sent them out in style!

Meeting sweet baby Norah.

Champagne party with my fun co-workers.

A cheeseboard for dinner + the kids' first Star Wars viewing = a practically perfect 36th birthday. 
I was suckered into keeping Ava's class chickens for a little while when school let out for the summer. Those things were pretty cute, but veerrrrrrry stinky. Ava was in heaven, though. 

Summer cooking-camp buddies.

How cute are Bunny and Nello on their Colorado vacation?

Post-swim ice cream.


I love tucking Ry in and finding all kinds of toys in the bed.

We made a trip to Austin in mid-June for Mimi's memorial. It was such a sweet time together remembering such an amazing woman. 

We were also able to celebrate Rylan's birthday and Father's Day at Grampsie and Nana's house.

And because we try to squeeze as much as possible into our Austin weekends, we also enjoyed a fun night out to dinner with the Arnolds to celebrate Lolly's birthday.

I think Josh enjoyed Rylan's Playmobil fort from Grampsie and Nana even more than he did :).

Sweet summertime.

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