Monday, January 30, 2012

40 Weeks!!

Despite predictions from many that Ava would arrive early, I'm still very much pregnant at 40 weeks... and VERY ready for her to arrive!

At my doctor's appointment last week, she said that if Ava doesn't arrive this week, they will induce on Monday, February 6. I hope she decides to make an appearance before then, but it is nice to know that Ava will be here in a week or less!

Josh and I are so excited and a little nervous about the whole labor and delivery process, but hopefully everything will go smoothly. Our families are also very anxious. Every time I call my Mom or Dad, they think I am in labor :). I can't wait to really make "the call."

Finally, I had to take at least one true "belly pic" before Ava arrives. I don't think my skin can stretch much more!

Hurry up and get here sweet baby...we can't wait to meet you!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

37 Weeks: Full-Term and Ready To Go!

At 37-weeks pregnant, I'm official "full-term" this week...crazy!

At my doctor's appointment last week, she estimated that Ava was already at 7.5 pounds! So, the doc is hoping (as am I) that she makes an early arrival...otherwise she could be somewhere around 9.5 pounds on the due date. And seeing as how I weighed 5 pounds and Josh weighed 10 when he was born, I think we all know who will be to blame for that.

Not only do I feel huge at the moment, but I've definitely reached the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. It is almost impossible to get a good night's sleep...but I guess it is preparing me for life after Ava arrives :).

And although you are never really ready for a new baby, I feel a lot more prepared after last weekend. Not only did I finally get my hospital bag packed, but Josh also installed the car seat.

Can you tell how happy he was to be done :).

Josh also got his "It's a Girl" cigars in the he is ready for the hospital as well :).

I can't tell you how excited I am to meet this little lady. I hope she is here soon!!

New Year's Brunch 2012

This year we hosted our third-annual New Year's Brunch. As usual, the day was filled with friends, fun, and LOTS of food.

I didn't take as many pictures as last year, but I did manage to get some...

I even caught a couple pictures of the food before it was gone.

I love all the crowns from the poppers!

PB was even in town from Houston.

And although Louie was not so sure about baby Abby, I know now that Stella is going to be great with Ava :).

Until next year...

Christmas 2011

This Christmas was fun, but also very hectic because I spent most of my vacation time getting our house ready for Baby Ava. But it was very nice to have so much time to "nest" :).

We went down to Austin a couple days before Christmas to celebrate the holiday and attend my sister Bonnie's annual family birthday party at the Dart Bowl. I forgot my camera so I stole these shots of the bowling party from Hannah.

My Aunt Bonnie and my crazy cousins, Tate and Dean.

Dad and Aunt Bonnie.

Such cute pictures of Hannah and Lily with the cousins...

Hannah caught me staring at the belly.

All the Bratton girls + Josh.

And I love this one. Dad and Rhonda ended up using it as their New Year's card picture.

I'm glad there were no pictures captured of my attempt to bowl at 8-months pregnant :). But I actually did pretty well!

We came back up to Dallas to spend Christmas with Josh's family. It was really nice to have Christmas at our house for the first time. I can't wait to spend Christmas mornings here with Ava in the future.

We had Christmas dinner at our house, which was quite eventful with twin two-year olds and a nine-month old. It was also very entertaining watching them open all their gifts.

The girls got a couple baby dolls.

Ellie named hers "Patty."

And some large legos.

And they loved the robes we gave them!

They also loved their pillows from Grammie and Papa.

Even Jack liked unwrapping his gifts.

And this is just a cute pic of Uncle Josh with Jack.

I can't wait to celebrate again next year...and it is hard to believe that Ava will be about 11 months old at that point!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Austin Baby Shower

A week after my lovely shower in Dallas, I headed down to Austin to celebrate with friends and family down there.

My fabulous friend Lauren and her Mom, Debbie, my Aunt Laura, and my Mom all hosted a wonderful shower for Ava at the Wilder's house.

All the decorations were so cute, and the food (thanks, Mom!) was delicious!

Look at the fun mini Christmas tree decorated with baby stuff...

And look at all the fun gifts for Miss Ava...

Sarabeth had to leave early to go to work, so I opened hers first. She got Ava a fun playmat. And evidently she was explaining something about it in this picture.

Speaking of Sarabeth...what on earth was she doing in this picture?!

Anyway...back to the gifts...Ava got lots of cute clothes.

Like these PJs.

A pink tutu from Lauren and Debbie. What little girl doesn't need a pink tutu?

And this hilarious onesie from my sister Charlotte, who couldn't be there because she is currently a Freshman at College of Charleston. If you can't read the onesie, it says "If you think I'm cute you should see my Aunt" :).

Ava also received several wonderful blankets, which will come in quite handy during our cold winter. This one was from her Aunt Lily.

And speaking of Lily, my baby sister is way too grown-up now. I can't believe she is going to be a Senior in high school next year!

Several of my Mom's friends were sweet enough to attend the shower...

And one (not pictured above) made two adorable blankets for Ava. Our reactions to finding out the blankets were homemade are priceless.

Thanks to my sister Hannah for taking all the pictures (which means she is not in any of them) and my Mom for taking down all the notes. She took the job very seriously.

And thanks so much to everyone who attended!!

Ava had a great time :).

P.S. Don't judge me for wearing the same dress to both of my wardrobe is a bit limited these days.

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