Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Web Crush Wednesday | Camping

This Web Crush Wednesday post (it's been a while!) is inspired by the perfect "camping weather" we had all winter and spring in Texas. Josh and I can't wait to take the kids camping, and we are planning on starting small next year with a trip to nearby campgrounds with cabins. I can smell the campfire and taste the s'mores already.

So, without further ado, a round-up of lots of fun camping-themed finds...

How to Make a Swedish Flame. Spoiler alert: it involves a chainsaw. You could also get this sweet reusable Swedish log stovetop.

Campfire French Toast. One of the best parts of camping is clearly the food, and as evidenced by all the recipes in this post, there is no need to just stick to hot dogs. This campfire french toast recipe looks quite delectable (and easy). My only concern is the ability to find the special french toast-flavored egg mixture, but I think you could just doctor up some regular egg beaters with cinnamon and vanilla.

Land of Nod's Jetaire Camper PlayhouseThe S'more the Merrier Campfire Set, Campfires Wall Art, and Campsite Nightlight. I am in LOVE with this camper playhouse, and Santa definitely would have brought it for the kids if we had more space in the family room (first world problems). The campfire set, wall art, and nightlight would also be fun additions for a camping-themed room.

Camp Lodge Playroom. And speaking of camping-themed rooms, how awesome is this playroom?! I has a slide, people.

Campfire S'mores Hot Chocolate Cocktail. Holy. Moly. This would be the perfect treat for a cold winter night. 

America's Most Beautiful Campsites. I want to go to there.
Camping Mac n' Cheese. I never would have thought to pre-make packets of macaroni and cheese like this to cook over the campfire. Genius! And you could totally use this technique with similar pasta/casserole dishes.

CamelBak All Clear Water Bottle. Speaking of genius, this contraption is amazing. The water bottle uses UV technology to purify water to EPA standards.
Roasted Starburst. I am not so sure about this idea (all I can think of are massive tongue burns), but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Glamping in Jackson Hole. While I don't mind roughing it, a glamping adventure somewhere like this sounds absolutely amazing.

Campfire Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich. Josh loves him a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, and this version would make for an excellent meal around the campfire. 

Birksun Solar Backpacks. These backpacks have been on my wish list for a while. The solar panel charges your phone (and other devices) using a built-in USB. They also come in a variety of styles and colors. These would be great for camping, music festivals, skiing, State Fair-ing, or any other outdoor activity that keeps you away from a power source for a long period of time. Now if they would only add purple as a color option.

Adventure Pack Mini. And for your littles, this pack is adorable. It even comes with the buttons.
Campfire Pizza Nachos. These would be so much fun to make…and eat. I might try making the sauce at home and just reheating it over the fire.

Campfire Rocker. I saw these at REI a few months back and had to stop for a little rock. The chair was so comfortable, and they come in a variety of fun colors and prints. Perfect for relaxing by the fire.

Camping Love Seat. Also, who knew this was a thing?! For snuggling up with your loved one…or stretching out on one all by your self.

Gourmet S'mores Menu. We tried a few similar variations during the last WINOS weekend (my favorite being a traditional s'mores with Ritz crackers instead of graham crackers), and these look equally as delicious.

Peanut Butter Cookie S'mores. And these must be tried. Although, I might sub the Reese's for Hershey's bars. 

27 Dreamy Campers. Sigh. Just as advertised, these are all so dreamy.

Bear Lake Trail Mix. Salty + sweet combos are most definitely my kryptonite, and while this mix is a bit out of the ordinary, I am more than intrigued. I mean…it includes bugles and swedish fish!

Camp Coffee Six Ways. Because there is nothing quite like a hot cup of coffee on a cool camping morning. 

Enamelware Serving Set. While I love the traditional blue and white-speckled enamelware, this set is quite lovely. 

Vintage Enamelware Camp Mugs. This mixed set is equally amazing. 

Campfire Whiskey BBQ Chicken. This looks like a solid recipe to add to the camping rotation. And another way to utilize the cast iron skillet.

Vintage Boy Scout Birthday Party. Yes to all of this! At some point, Rylan will be having this party.

Repurpose a Ketchup Bottle for Perfect Pancakes. This is such a great idea, both for breakfasts at home and for storing pre-made pancake mix in the campsite cooler.

Campfire Cinnamon Roll-ups. This is another delectable breakfast option that would also be really fun for the kids.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Printables. Such a fun and easy activity for a camping adventure or party.

Campfire Sour. While I am more inclined to stick with wine, sangria, or beer in a red solo cup whilst camping, this cocktail is definitely intriguing. 

20 Clever Camping Packing Tips. Lots of great ideas. Who knew that dryer sheets keep bees away?!

Campfire Tomato and Cheese Saute. Because roasted tomatoes + melted cheese is never a bad idea.

Fishing Pole Roaster. This roasting pole is so awesome. It's functional too…to rotate your marshmallows or hot dogs, you simply "jig" it like a normal fishing pole. My only concern is the high likelihood the kids would swing this around while still attached to flaming food. We shall see. 

Dutch Oven Cornbread ChiliI've never attempted cooking with a dutch oven over a campfire, but I'm dying to give it a try. Along with s'mores (and red wine) for dessert, this chili would really warm the soul on a cold camping night. 

Troop Beverly Hills Cross Stitch. I need this in my life...and more specifically, hanging in my office. #WhatWouldPhyllisNeflerDo

Sunday, May 8, 2016

School Pictures 2016

The kids had their school pictures taken a few weeks ago, and despite the fact that they were both in dire need of a haircut, these are pretty great as far as school photos go.

 Sweet babies.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Progressive Dinner on Lowest Greenville

After the carnival last weekend, Bunny watched the kids so we could join the Adolphs for a progressive dinner on Lowest Greenville. I've been wanting to do this for quite a while, and with a babysitter in town and perfect spring weather, we finally made it happen.

We started with appetizers and cocktails at Blind Butcher

The "Little Red Corvette" cocktails in honor of Prince were quite tasty and they didn't play around with the alcohol content.

We also thoroughly enjoyed the cheese board, sausage board, and pretzel bread.

Next up was dinner at Rapscallion, complete with Nashville-style hot fried chicken, skillet cornbread cooked in duck fat, roasted cauliflower with white BBQ sauce, and multiple glasses of sparking rose. I could have that same meal on repeat every night (and weigh 1,000 pounds).
After dinner, we headed across the street to Remedy for dessert.

The coconut cream pie was everything I'd hoped for and more. I mean...

The TX Strawberry Chiffon pie with whipped buttermilk and a pretzel crust was also quite delicious.

As was the s'mores-flavored ice cream sundae. 


The last stop of the night was the HG Sply Co. rooftop patio for one more drink. This was the first time I'd ever made it up to their patio, and it was really cool (and packed thanks to the perfect weather). We will definitely be back.
It was such a fun night, and I want to replicate the progressive dinner outing in different parts of Dallas (and Austin). Next up will most likely be Henderson Avenue or Bishop Arts.

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