Friday, March 29, 2013

Favorite Things: Chip'ins

A few months ago, I discovered the fabulous "Chip'ins" made by Popcorn, Indiana. They are popcorn chips, which I love because they have the taste of popcorn with the crispyness of chips. 

My favorite flavor is white cheddar. Josh likes the jalepeno ranch flavor as well, but it is a little too spicy for my taste.
See...they smooosh the popcorn, cut it into chip-size pieces, and make it all crispy and stuff. 

And they really do taste like cheesy popcorn.

 I seriously love these chips. They are my new snack of choice. 

And they are also gluten-free if you are into that sort of thing. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Night Photo Dump

There are a bunch of photos from the last month that I have been meaning to get off my iPhone and on to the blog, so here we go...

I love those sweet, blue eyes. 

Fun at the park with Aunt Bee. 

Silly girl. 


Morning snuggle time. 


Still cute despite the runny nose and eyes. 
"Here, Dada. Hold all my stuffed animals."

Thanks for the PJs, Sarah!

Even though she isn't a picky eater, this girl could seriously live off avocados, hummus, and bananas. 

Taking advantage of the post-daylight-savings sunlight after work/daycare. 

A fancy cocktail from a fun night out with friends. 

Ava may have a future as a trick rider. 

She still likes to get in the exersaucer every now and then. 

Wearing the bracelets that Bunny got her. 

Hello, spring. We've missed you. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Second Sunday Brunch Bunch: Del Frisco's Grille

We bumped our monthly brunch bunch back a week so that Lolly could join us (I wish she could come up from Austin every month), and this time we hit up Del Frisco's Grille

Despite being a weeee bit hungover from our St. Patrick's Day party the day before, Sarah and I both ordered the "White Sangria." It was tasty and refreshing, but a little on the sweet side. 

Erin ordered the Bloody Mary, and she was a huge fan. As was everyone else who had a sip...excluding me, because as much as I would love to love bloody mary's, I don't think it's ever going to happen. 

Sarah ordered the "Southern Fried Chicken & Waffles with Spicy Maple Syrup and Thick-Cut Hickory-Smoked Bacon." She really liked it and was surprised by the spicy kick of the syrup. 

I was super tempted to order it as well, but I changed my mind once the waiter said the fried chicken was all dark meat. As with the bloody mary's, as much as I've tried, I just can't do dark meat.

Erin got the "Crabcake Benedict with Poached Eggs, Asparagus, Toasted Focaccia, and Cajun Lobster Sauce." Isn't it gorgeous?! 

Jill's dish was also pretty easy on the eyes. She ordered the "Grille Benedict with Poached Eggs, Thin-Sliced French Ham, Scallion & White Cheddar Biscuits, and Chipotle Hollandaise." And she said it tasted as good as it looked, which is not always the case with fancy-looking food. 

They dishes that Lolly and I ordered weren't as pretty, but they were still delicious. She got the "Chicken-Fried Steak & Eggs with a Jumbo Biscuit and Chorizo Gravy." Lolly really liked it, but wished the chorizo gravy was more like the creamy gravy that normally comes with chicken fried steak. 

Finally, I ordered the "Steak and Eggs" special, which came with a steak and potato hash, covered in fried eggs, and served with Texas toast. I'm not sure what kind of steak it was, but it tasted like short-ribs. And it was so delicious!

My only complaint is that the eggs were really runny, which is not what I was expecting with the fried egg description (I'm ok with runny eggs sometimes, but I have to be in the mood). 

Overall, everything received good reviews from the group, and I would totally go back for brunch. There were a bunch of other tasty-looking things on the menu, including "Red Velvet Belgium Waffles with Whipped Vanilla Bean-Spiked Cream Cheese." Goodness gracious! 

Also, to say that we were all full after the meal is a complete understatement. I don't think I've ever needed a nap so bad in my life. But alas, Ava was up from hers by the time I got home. It's a good thing she is so darn cute :).

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Patrick's Day 2013

After a more subdued shindig last year (that is what a six-week-old will do to you), we celebrated our fifth annual O'Shepherd St. Patrick's Day Party on Saturday with lots of friends, food, and green boozy beverages.

I absolutely love this holiday. There is something about a holiday that lends itself to day drinking so well that is just wonderful. And the weather could not have been more perfect!

The good thing about throwing the same party for so many years is that we are able to reuse most of the decorations, adding a couple here and there each a fun new free printable complete with an Irish proverb.  

Sarah asked if we have more St. Patrick's Day decorations than Christmas decorations. My answer: most definitely. Ha!

We had lots of food as usual (to soak up all that green beer and punch and prevent the party from becoming a complete drunkfest)...

The spread included tortellini with creamy pesto dipping sauce, reuben rolls, mini hot dogs with beer mustard, Sarah's green corn dip, chick-fil-uggets, and dill dip with veggies and bread in the colors of the Irish flag.
The beer cheese dip was also a hit. 
We had some desserts as well (thanks to Erin and Tessa for their contributions!), but somehow I only managed to get a picture of the M&Ms. 

It was more of an adult party this year (thanks to all those who babysat so we didn't have to spend half our time chasing around toddlers), but the Lockwood kiddos joined the fun for a little while. They all looked adorable in their St. Patrick's Day outfits, and they loved the green sunglasses we had out.

Between her nap and hanging out with her Bunny and Aunt B for most of the afternoon, Ava also donned some green and joined the festivities for a bit.

(This group shot is a little blurry, and Ava isn't smiling, but it was the best of the bunch.)

Ava thought my Mom's hat was so much fun.

Erin is quite a out, John :).

I think everyone had a good time. It was basically a day filled with drinking, chilling, and soaking up the sun. Three of life's best activities.

Oh, and there was beer pong...lots of beer pong.
Happy (belated) St. Patrick's Day, everyone! I hope you all had as much fun as we did.

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