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Ava - 18 Months

Ava turned 18-months old on August 3, so I am really behind on this post, but I wanted to document the milestone nonetheless. 

I had planned to take some nice photos the weekend she turned 18-months, but that didn't happen. So I pulled out the camera for an impromptu photo shoot on the front porch a few weeks ago. It was much more Ava's style anyway. And it's amazing how much of her personality I was able to capture within just a few minutes. 

Ava only stood still for one picture, but it is definitely a keeper. 

Then she was too distracted by my camera cap. 

The skinned knees of a busy toddler. 

One of her beloved NuhNuhs. Once it hits your lips!
"Night night, NuhNuh." 

She has so much hair...definitely got that trait (among many) from her father. 

Ava is such a delightful, sweet, and happy little girl. She is always smiling and her fun personality brightens the entire room. 

But don't get me wrong, she definitely has her moments...

Luckily the tantrums are few and far between.

Ava is extremely curious, and loves asking what the name is of all the things and people around her. She is talking up a storm, and I feel like she learns a new word every day. 

She is also fiercely independent, which is good and bad. I love that she wants to try things herself, but hearing "no, mama" is not very pleasant. It also takes us forever to get Ava ready in the morning, since she wants to try to put on her clothes and shoes herself. 

Ava really is turning into a little girl before our eyes. 

But she is still my baby. 


  • 25 pounds, 10 ounces (70%)
  • 34 inches (greater than 95%)
  • I've officially lost count of all the words in her vocabulary (I stopped counting at 100), but below are some of her most used/my favorites:
    • Up 
    • Bite
    • Outside
    • Walk (when she wants you to put her down)
    • Book
    • Apple
    • Cookie (pronounced CooCoo)
    • Please
    • Thank you
    • Bye Bye
    • Uh oh
    • More
    • Yeah!
    • Hooray!
    • Bright
    • Agua
    • Maraca
    • Purple
    • Hummus
    • Elmo
    • Elbow (so random, and so cute)
    • Sock (pronounced Gock)
    • Stella and Lou Lou
  • Due to her love of knowing everyone's name, she learned how to say the names of even more friends and family members, including Bunny (pronounced Bu-yee), Nello, Nana, Rara (Sara), Jesse, Hannah (both for Aunt Hannah and her school friend), school friends Reed and Carter, and Abby (Hicks). 
  • She makes all sorts of animal noises, including moo, baa, neigh, quack quack, meow, roar, and a trumpet sound for elephants. She also makes fish lips when you ask her what a fish does. 
  • She also started forming simple sentences, including: 
    • Where dada/mama/blankie/etc.? 
    • Hi/bye mama/dada/etc. 
    • I want more. 
    • No mama. (clearly my least favorite)
    • I love you. (clearly my favorite)
  • We bought her a little potty after she started telling us that she had to "poo poo." However, we are taking the potty training process very slowly. We basically just want her to get used to the idea. 
  • She has learned how to say please and thank you, and definitely uses it to her advantage. It is nearly impossible to say no when an adorable toddler looks you in the eyes and says "peeeese" :). 
  • Her little imagination is blossoming, and it's so much fun to watch her play.  I love this video of Ava giving "bites" of a cookie to her NuhNuh, because it not only shows her imagination, but also her ability to share and politeness (she says "thank you" after the NuhNuh gets a bite). 

  • Ava's favorite game is playing "Night Night," which means she makes us lie down, puts a blanket on us, and pats us like she is putting us to sleep. It is the best game ever for tired parents :). 

She plays the game with her stuffed animals as well, which are also a huge love of Ava's...especially "Quack Quack," "Baa," and "Baby."

  • Ava loves being sung to, and she now requests certain songs, including "Row Row" and "Spider." 
  • She is obsessed with her NuhNuhs (WubbaNubs) and blankies, and insists upon bringing them all downstairs in the morning. It's a no NuhNuh left behind policy. 
  • She loves Stella and Lou Lou so much. Unfortunately, it is not completely mutual. Unless Ava has food. 
  • Ava is much more attentive when we read books now, and she often wants to read for up to 30 minutes or more. And no one is immune from being asked to read book after book. I think Aunt Jill read "one more" about seven times on this particular occasion. 
  • Her favorite foods include grapes, hummus, watermelon, guacamole, cheese, broccoli, meatballs, and pasta. 
  • Ava loves going "ow-side," whether sliding at the park or simply hanging out on the front porch with her Bunny. 

  • Ava prefers for everyone to be together at all times. For example, if she and I are going into the other room, she will turn to Josh and say "Dada up!" because she wants him to come with us. 
  • She loves playing with my iPhone (which I rarely let her do), and can flip through photos, pause and play songs, and push the play button on videos all by herself. It is only a matter of time before she figures out my password. 
  • Ava is obsessed with purses and jewelry...she is totally a girl! 

  • Even with her fun, strawberry-flavored toothpaste, Ava is still not a fan of brushing her teeth. 
  • It is also a struggle to get her in the bathtub most nights. But Ava is fine once she's in there. 
  • Despite being very independent in many ways, Ava is not great at independent play. Sitting down by herself to play with toys is definitely not Ava's cup of tea. I think this is because she is so used to playing with a bunch of kids at daycare. 
Funny/Random Tidbits:
  • Ava will often collect her "purses," head out of the room we are in, and say bye-bye as she is leaving. 
  • When you ask her if she poo-pooed, she will usually turn around and stand right in front of you so you can check her diaper. It is so funny. 
  • Ava is such a ham! She even smiles at the video monitor camera. It kills me. 

That smile. It makes everything better.  

We love you so much, sweet girl.

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