Friday, September 7, 2012

Ava - Seven Months

Ava turned seven-months old on Labor Day. Why is it that seven months sounds so much older than six months? I think it is because she seems even closer to the one-year mark. 

Our baby really is growing up. This was such a fun month, and Ava's personality is really starting to show. But the biggest change from last month is that she rarely sits still. Ava is constantly on the move, and changing her diaper/clothes has become an athletic event. While she is not doing the typical crawl, Ava moves at lightening speed, and I am beginning to believe that her half crawl/half inchworm move is her version of which case, she technically started to crawl at six months (which is exactly when I did). Her daycare teacher even told me that she has tried to pull up, but I have yet to see that myself.

Luckily, Ava is still sleeping like a champ. She still usually takes an hour-long morning nap, two-hour afternoon nap, and sleeps for about 12 hours at night.

She is also getting more used to solid food, and it is so much fun to try new things. Her favorite is definitely carrots. Peas...not so much. 

Here are my favorite pictures from her monthly photo shoot...

Texas-T! Dance team here we come :). 

And these last two are very typical...

Laughing at me and Josh.

 And trying to crawl off. 

We won't have official stats until her next doctor's appointment, but she weighs 18.5 pounds according to our scale at home.

  • She still loves all her favorite things from last month
  • Ava is learning to love eating solid food. Sometimes she is not so into it, and sometimes she loves evidenced by this video that I like to call "funny pears": 

  • She still absolutely hates it when I clean her nose. I don't think this will ever change. 
  • Ava gets super impatient when I am putting on her PJs and sleepsack before bed. 
  • She rocked her first ponytail. My little "Ava Lou Who" :). 
  • She started saying "mamamamamama"...and I swear it was directed at me a few times. 
  • As I have mentioned above, she is now eating solid food. And I can't get over how fun all the messy face pics are.

She loves to hold the spoon herself (which creates even more of a mess).

  • Ava can get into the sitting position by herself. 
  • She also learned to both crawl up into my lap and crawl over objects standing in her my legs. 
  • She sat in a restaurant highchair for the first time (at Jake's). 
  • Ava caught her first stomach bug at daycare :(. Josh got it as well, which made for a not-so-fun Labor Day Weekend. 
Funny/Random Tidbits:
  • Ava thinks it is hilarious when we yawn.
  • And she still likes to blow raspberries, including on me...
  • Ava started scrunching her nose when she smiles really big. I love it! 

Some of my other favorite pictures from last month...

Hanging out with Grampsie. 

A visit from Aunt Lily, Nana, and Aunt Hannah. 

One of my favorite times of the day. Rocking my sweet baby to sleep. 

Swinging at Bunny's house. 

She fell asleep while we were waiting at the doctor's office. I didn't mind the snuggles one bit :). 

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