Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rylan - Seven Months

Another month gone, and Rylan seems so much older. He continues to be the happiest, sweetest baby on the block, which makes up for the fact that he still wakes up twice a night. 

And not only does he seem so much older, Rylan also seems HUGE all of a sudden…which is not shocking since he loves eating. My little guy is not so little any more...


No official stats this month, but he seems soooo much bigger!

  • Sitting up like a champ.
  • His bottom two teeth started coming in, but it has been impossible to get a picture.
  • Rylan started babbling, but still isn't quite as "talkative" as his sister was. 
  • His first trip to Target (that is a milestone, right?).


  • Eating. His favorite foods so far are avocados, applesauce, oatmeal, and carrots. 
  • His sister. Ava makes him smile like no other.
  • NuhNuhs (WubbaNubs). Although he isn't quite as obsessed as Ava was. 
  • Watching cars drive by. 
  • Going on walks. 
  • The rocking chair. He loves being rocked so much that I even Googled how many calories you burn while rocking (150/hour!).


  • Sleeping.
  • Having his nose wiped. 

There aren't many pics that weren't already posted from the holidays, but below are a few cute ones of Ry...

There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. Even if he only naps for 30 minutes max. 

The poor guy had a terrible stomach bug, and he was so pitiful (and so snuggly). 

Watching the cars go by as he was recuperating. 

Snuggling at the park while Ava ran around.

Those eyes!

Those lips!

I am head over heels for this little fella. 

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