Monday, April 9, 2012

Regina's Visions

Regina is our fabulous maid. She is from Brazil, we communicate in Spanish (which is funny since it is neither of our native language), and she happens to have visions...particularly those related to pregnancy.

About four months before Ava was conceived, Regina asked me if I was pregnant. When I told her that I wasn't pregnant, she said that she had seen a stack of diapers and other baby items in the room upstairs (the room that was a TV room at the time, but that is now Ava's nursery) when she opened the door. Regina was so convinced she had seen the baby stuff, that she made me go upstairs with her to check. It was then that she told me about how she often has visions of women being pregnant before they are. Sure enough, she was soon right about Ava.

As a result, I almost peed my pants when Regina told me last week that she had a vision that I would be pregnant again very soon. When I told her that we would like to have another baby, but not for a while, Regina told me to be very careful because the vision was so strong it gave her goosebumps. Yikes!!!

Here's to hoping that her vision takes longer than four months to come true this time!

*Note that this is not an accurate depiction of Regina :)

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