Saturday, August 4, 2012

Love at First Bite?

It's official. The end of the easy, bottle-only stage is over, and today was the big day...Ava finally got her first taste of real food. 

Even though the "experts" say that you don't have to start with rice cereal anymore, I decided to introduce it first since we could mix it with formula to at least give her a familiar taste to go along with the unfamiliar texture/eating method. 

I will start on the homemade fruit/vegetable purees next week. 

It went pretty much as expected, and I would say that Ava had a love/hate relationship with her first few "bites." Overall, it was quite amusing to watch. 

She was very curious at first.

But then she would go back and forth between loving the experience and thinking I must be crazy for trying to feed her this mush. 

We would get an expression like this one...

But then she would decide that it wasn't that bad... 

And then the whole thing would repeat...

Get me out of here, Mom!

Wait...this is pretty tasty. 

And the next two pictures pretty much sum up how the whole ordeal ended. She. Was. Over. It.

It probably didn't help that I was laughing the whole time :).

 We will see how she does with round two tomorrow. 


  1. So cute, your daughter looks a lot like your husband.

    Also have you ever thought about doing a post on how you and your husband budget? I think it would be an interesting read. Thanks

  2. Thank you! Honestly, we are not the best with budgets, but we are tying to get better in light of the fact that we now have another mouth to feed...literally. However, we try to save wherever we can, my husband watches our online account like a hawk, and we don't tend to make a lot of frivolous purchases…unless you count the adorable, tiny, gold ballet shoes I just bought for Ava at Baby Gap :).

  3. I love Ava's faces! And... I LOVE her naturally highlighted hair! I love how you put a towel down on the table. I think Henry is ready for food. He has been eating a lot more lately and acts ravenous when he's eating. I am trying to hold off until he is 6 months!


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