Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ava - 10 Months

Ava is officially in the double-digit months...crazy! She is a ball of energy and is constantly babbling, laughing, and smiling. Ava is also super curious about everything around her. Her new word is "dat?" (meaning "what's that?"), which she usually says while pointing at something. While she sometimes asks this a bazillion times a day, it is way too cute to be annoying. It also makes me very happy knowing that she is learning so much.

She now has seven teeth, with one more on the bottom about to pop through. Also, in addition to Ava only taking one nap at daycare, she has gone down to four bottles a day during the work week. But she is still holding strong to that morning nap and fifth bottle on the weekends. I can't blame her, I like to sleep and eat more on the weekends as well :). 

As is typical, it was nearly impossible to get her to sit still for her monthly photo shoot...but we managed to get a few. 

And, she's off...

  • She can stand unsupported anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. Ava stands for an especially long time if she is distracted by something she is holding. 
  • Ava also took her first steps toward the end of last month. Her teachers at daycare told me that she "was getting very daring" and had taken two steps...before falling and bumping her head. After that, she showed off for us a few times. The funniest thing is that she would hold on to something with one hand and tap one of her feet out in front of her like she was testing the waters before taking a step. 
  • Her new favorite tricks are pointing and waving. But she waves very selectively at this point. You are very special if you get a wave from Ava :). 
  • As mentioned above, in addition to "dada," "mama," and "da" (dog), Ava's new favorite thing to say is "dat?" (what's that?).  Here she is asking about a phone and the dog picture in her book...
  • While she doesn't say many words yet, you can tell that Ava understands a lot. For example, she makes her lip smacking noise when you ask her if she is hungry or if she is ready to eat. She also loves pointing at the eyes on her toys, and will do so on command. 
  • Ava experienced her first election day (even though she is a little too young to vote). I really wanted to make her a "Baby Got Barak" onesie for daycare, but I ran out of time and had to settle for classic red, white, and blue. 
  • We switched Ava to her big girl carseat last month. Evidently, I haven't taken a picture of that yet. 
  • Ava rocked her first pigtails last month. When I picked her up from daycare one day, they had fixed her hair in pigtails and she was wearing a blanket for a cape. It was hilariously cute. I didn't get a picture then, but I did catch some later that night during bath time. 

You can kind of see the bump on her forehead from her falling while taking steps that day. 

  • Eating. This girl loves her some food. Betsy and Gary were shocked when they saw her eat over Thanksgiving! Her current favorites are bananas, broccoli, chicken, green beans, cheese, peaches, yogurt, and puffs. 

Nom, nom, nom...

And she will definitely let you know when she is hungry. I finally got the lip-smacking noise on video...

  • She re-found her love for books last month. The "B is for Bear" book is still her favorite, and Ava also loves books with flaps to open (like the "Spot" books). She is much better (and much more gentle) at opening the flaps now. She also really likes "reading" by herself, so all her small books are favorites since they are easy to hold. 
  • In addition to her little books, Ava really loves anything that rattles (even the cheap water bottle filled with buttons I made), the Melissa & Doug "Fill and Spill" toys (especially the picnic basket), and the VTech "Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker" (which plays really annoying music). 
  • Ava constantly tries to get her hands on electronics...iPhones, remotes, etc. But we are really trying to avoid giving in...even when she throws a fit.  
  • Her Wubbas are still prized possessions, and it is hilarious to see her hold three at a time in her crib. She also makes a hilarious "once it hits your lips" squeal when we hand her one. I really dread the day that we have to break the habit. 
  • Ava LOVES playing and wrestling with her Daddy. 

  • The last few minutes before we head upstairs for her last bottle and bed. She is usually totally over the day by that time and is so. ready. for. bed!
  • When her momma leaves the room...which makes me kind of happy :). 
  • Being in her carseat for extended periods of time. 
  • She still refuses to stay still on the changing table. Blerg!
Funny/Random Tidbits:
  • She loves doing the "indian move" and also often makes a "lalalalalala" sound. 

Below are my other favorite pictures of our little ham from last month...

This one is blurry, but it cracks me up! Very typical of her cheesy smile. 

"What are you doing, Mom?"

(I love that she can finally fit in this "Kings of Leon" onesie, which was the first thing we bought for her.)


And finally, an adorable video of Josh and Ava...

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