Friday, July 13, 2012

Ava - Five Months

Our little muffin is now five-months old, and she continues to be such a joy! We love this happy, sweet baby so much, and it is so much fun to watch her learn and grow. 

Her sleeping got back on track this month thanks to her cold finally dissipating completely. Ava usually sleeps from about 8:00/8:30 at night to 6:45 in the morning, and she still takes four naps during the day - one between each feeding. However, I have a feeling she is going to drop the last one soon. 

Also in sleeping news, we switched Ava from swaddling to sleep sacks last month. We tried it for the first time on a night when she was already pretty much passed out. She slept through the night that whole week, so there was no looking back from there. Over the last month, I have also started transitioning from putting her to sleep by walking her around the house (her favorite), to rocking in the rocking chair in her room...because baby girl is getting way to heavy! Luckily, she is getting used to the new bedtime routine. 

Ava still likes to put everything in her mouth, and has been drooling so much that she gets rashes on her chin. But there are still no teeth in sight. She still loves rolling all over the place and grabbing her feet...and has also discovered how yummy her toes taste :). Her love of feeling things with different textures has now manifested itself into a love of playing with her own hair. She is definitely going to be a hair twirler like her Mom and Aunts. 

The craziest development in the last month is the fact that she is so determined to crawl! She started out by doing a full push up/plank-type move up on her hands and toes, and then, about a week before she turned five-months old, she learned how to get up on her hands and knees. It is only a matter of time before she takes off....which frightens me a bit.

Here are the photos from her monthly shoot...

As well as a family shot we took right afterwards. Please excuse my lack of's rare that all three of us are in a photo together. 

Five-Month Stats:
  • We won't have any new stats until her six-month check-up, but to me, she feels about the same weight but a lot longer. We will see if I am right ;). 
  • Ava loves "twirling" her hair while she drinks her bottle. My Mom says she has flashbacks of me as a baby when she sees these photos, because I did exactly the same thing. 

  • "The Hokey Pokey" is still Ava's favorite song, and she lights up whenever you sing it to her. 
  • Ava still loves books (hopefully this will never change), and "B is for Bear" is still her favorite. I love this video of my Mom reading it to her (it was taken a few days before she turned four months, but I didn't post it last month). The best part is that it sounds like she says "duckling" after my Mom does :).
  • Playing peek-a-boo and "how big is the baby" are always good for a laugh. Here is Aunt Sarabeth's version of peek-a-boo that had Ava in stitches...
  • The exersaucer and jumper hold her attention for longer periods of time now, which is great!

  • She also loves her "chew toys." Sometimes it is hard to decide which one tastes better. 
  • She loves touching people's faces.
  • Ava loves her new bathtub, especially because it gives her more room to splash around. 
  • Ava hates the bulb syringe, and she doesn't love having her nose wiped either. 
  • At about 4.5 months, Ava could sit up by herself for a minute or so. By the end of the month, she could sit up for five minutes or more by herself (with me sitting right behind her just in case), especially if she has something intriguing to look at like a book or a fun toy.
  • Her talking is about the same as last month, but she has started throwing in some screeches every now and then when she is really excited. Ava also likes to babble a lot in the car on her way home from daycare. It is like she is telling me about her day :).
  • Ava discovered how to put her feet in her mouth. Mmmmmm, toes!
  • She is now able to find her pacifier in the crib, which helps with her self-soothing. As a result, I put a couple in there with her at night :).
  • Ava started to recognize her name.
  • She figured out how to get up on her hands and knees. Ava wiggles around in this position, and is so close to crawling!

(This video was actually taken a couple days after she turned five-months old, because I didn't manage to capture it on film earlier in the week.)

Funny/Random Tidbits:
  • She loves to stick out her tongue and also likes to suck on her top lip. 

Below are my other favorite photos from last month...

This was taken on a morning when we had to wake her up because she was oversleeping :). Such a precious sleeping baby!

These are repeat pics from earlier posts, but they are my favs! 

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