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Ava - 15 Months

    Before I get started on the [numerous] posts on our recent trip to San Francisco/Napa, I wanted to finish Ava's 15-month post that I started a few weeks ago.

    I wasn't planning on doing another monthly update post until Ava turned 18-months old, but since we got her updated stats at her 15-month doctor's appointment, I thought it was appropriate.

    Even though this age comes with its challenges, including some lovely temper tantrums, it is so much fun to watch Ava learn and grow each day. She is the sweetest thing ever, and I completely melt every time she says mama.

    Ava is so full of energy and she loves to run around and climb on everything, especially the stairs and couch, which makes me so nervous. She is also talking up a storm. I think that is one of my favorite things about this stage - seeing which word she is going to pick up next - and that means we have to start watching what we say. Or teach her the earmuffs trick :).

    She is becoming a little person in front of our eyes, which is so fun and yet a little sad at the same time.

  • Ava has switched completely to sippy cups, which makes me a little sad...but the lack of bottle pieces to wash is very nice. 
  • All four of her molars came in (without much of a fuss). 
  • Below are all the words that were in Ava's vocabulary as of her 15-month birthday. I have listed them in roughly the order of appearance, because I think that is one of the most interesting parts. I also love that there are a couple Spanish words in the mix! 
    • Dog - "Dah"
    • Dat? [What's that?]
    • NuhNuh [WubbaNubs]
    • Banana - "Nana"
    • NoNo / No  [Usually said while shaking her head]
    • Duck - "Du"
    • Dada
    • Bubble / Bubble Bath - "Bubba / Bubba Ba"
    • More - "Mo"
    • Baba [Bottle]
    • Uh-Oh
    • Papa [Gary]
    • Ball - "Ba"
    • Mama [Finally!]
    • Night Night
    • Baaa [When you ask her what a sheep says]
    • Bu (Bunny - My Mom)
    • Hola - "Oh-ah"
    • Agua - "Ah-wa"
    • Bow
    • Moo [When you ask her what a cow says]
    • Ava - "Ah-ya" 
    • Hannah [For both her Aunt Hannah and the Hannah at daycare]
    • Nose - "No"
    • Bye Bye
    • Eye
    • Baby - "Bu-ba"
    • BooBoo - "Bobo"
    • Snack - "Nack"
    • Up - "Uppa" [She sounds like a little, old Greek lady when she says this.]
    • Mmmm [I don't know if this counts as a word, but Ava says it when she thinks something tastes yummy.]
Here is a video of her saying Ava. So stinking cute.

  • She also makes signs for "more" and "all done," can point out all the major body parts, and shakes her head for yes and no. For the "more" sign, she doesn't use the popular baby sign language version, but rather, a version she learned from another kid at daycare. She points one finger into the palm of her other hand. Since she can also say "more," Ava doesn't do the sign that often, but she busts it out when she really, really wants something. It's hard to catch it on the camera since she does it so quickly, but I managed to get this one...

In addition to asking for more food, she says more and makes the hand sign when she wants me to sing another song (which is crazy considering my singing voice) or when she wants us to repeat something fun, such as the fun game Josh is playing with her in this video...


  • 24 pounds, 4 ounces (75%)
  • 33 1/4 inches (greater than 95%)

  • Favorite Foods: hummus, avocados, bananas, scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes, mangoes, watermelon, broccoli, cheese, squeezies, breakfast tacos, cheddar bunnies, and anything I'm eating. 
  • Her "Nuh Nuhs" (WubbaNubs) are still her most prized possession. I seriously dread the day she has to give these up. Her Aden + Anais blankets are probably a close second. 
  • Ava loves being sung to (despite my aforementioned terrible singing voice). When I rock her to sleep at night, she will ask for "more" before I have even begun singing. And when I respond by asking her if she wants me to sing, she nods her head and gets the biggest smile on her face. 
  • She loves pointing at things/people and asking what/who they are. She especially loves to point out "Stella Dog" and "Louie Dog." Also, one of her favorite games is to point to herself, me, and Josh; say who we all are; and then repeat the process. 
  • Ava wants to climb up on everything. I'm shocked she hasn't hurt herself yet. 
  • After her Nuh Nuhs and blankets, Ava's snack cup is her next most prized possession. She yells "nack" whenever she sees it (including in pictures), and will carry it around for hours savoring everything in it down to the last crumb. 
  • Ava hates having her diaper changed and getting dressed...especially in PJs. As a result, it is my least favorite task as well. 
  • Like a typical toddler, Ava gets frustrated when she can't have something she wants or can't do something completely on her own. She will occasionally pull her hair when she gets really mad. 
Funny/Random Tidbits:
  • When Ava gets really excited, she does a little jig where she stomps her feet back and forth. 
And finally, a few cute pictures of Ava before her 15-month birthday that managed to escape previous blog posts. 

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  1. The video of her saying/signing "more" when Josh is throwing her is hilarious!!! She seriously starts saying it before he even stops...he is going to get a serious arm workout with that kid!


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