Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baby Boy Shep - 22 Weeks

How far along are you? 22 weeks

How big is the baby? About the size of a spaghetti squash.

How much weight have you gained? 10 pounds. After starting off pretty slow, I have finally reached the "one pound a week weight gain" that is supposedly the norm at this point.

How are you feeling/sleeping? Still feeling pretty good, with the exception of some terrible hip/pelvic pain on my left side that struck for a few days last week. I'm hoping it was just from carrying Ava around too much over the weekend and not SPD.

What was the best moment of the past few weeks? Definitely the 20-week sonogram. Seeing our little guy on the screen and hearing that he is completely healthy from head to toe was so wonderful! He was moving around so much that it was hard for her to get a good picture of him, but you can kind of see his precious little profile in this one.

What do you miss the most? I think this answer will permanently be wine. There is one bottle left from our Napa trip waiting patiently in the wine fridge with my name on it.

Any movement? I felt the baby move for the first time at the end of my 17th week, and Josh even felt him once around the 19-week mark. However, it is still pretty infrequent at this point. I am definitely ready to feel this little guy move around more.

Any food cravings? I am still craving mainly salty/carby foods as well as sweet/salty combos. Specific cravings include pancakes/bagels with bacon, cheese enchiladas from Maudie's, cream cheese danishes, and root beer floats. After several weeks of craving a root beer float, I finally made it happen last night. And it was so, so good.

Is your belly button in or out? It can't make up its mind at this point.

What are you looking forward to in the next few weeks? I have another sonogram scheduled in two weeks because they want to make absolutely sure of my due date (since I will have a scheduled C-section). Baby Boy was running large at his eight-week sonogram and a little small at the 20-week, so it has been hard nailing down a date.

I'm also excited (but also a little nervous) about moving Ava to her "big girl room" soon. The nursery is upstairs next to our room, so we will have to move Ava downstairs into what is now the guest room. Our goal is to have her completely moved by the end of March. Fingers crossed!

How is Ava handling the pregnancy/impending big sister status? While I still don't think she completely gets that there will be a baby permanently residing at our house as of this summer, Ava seems excited by the prospect of having a baby brother. She likes to kiss my belly (but tried to jokingly bite my semi-protruding belly button one day...lovely), and also tells us that when the baby cries, she is going to say "shhhh, no cry baby brother" while patting him gently (or at least I hope it will be gently). Ava has also got some practice in recently with baby boys, including a visit to Roanoke to meet baby Easton and a playdate last weekend where she insisted upon feeding baby Everett his bottle. It was so sweet!

Finally, for a comparison, click here to view my 22-week post with Ava. 

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