Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Night Photo Dump | June & July 2015

It has been such a wonderful (and very hot) summer so far. Below are all the random pics from June and July that haven't yet made it on the blog. 

Sweet summertime. 

A day of beauty with the cousins. 

An early birthday dinner with my love at Victor Tangos. 

Which of course wasn't complete without (a few) French 75s...

The week of my birthday was ridiculously crazy at work, but a sweet co-worker made the day a little brighter. 

When you realize your birthday falls on National Cheese Day, it's quite clear what needs to happen. Not pictured: lots of bread products and a bottle of Kuleto cab.

We have been keeping ourselves busy on the weekends this summer by checking out lots of new places around town as well as some old favorites.

Our first visit to the new Buzzbrews location in Lakewood was a success.

Fun at the local splash park.

A visit to Steel City Pops.

Followed by a trip to the Perot.

We met up with the Lockwoods and Grammie for family-day festivities at the Galleria, which included a magic show. 

The kids were enthralled. 

A much-needed girls' night at Midnight Rambler/CBD Provisions.

Our first visit to the Dallas Farmers Market.

Sharing a milkshake at Grub Burger Bar.

Walking off all those fries.

We also spent our fair share of time lounging in the comfort of our air conditioned house.

I found this on my phone. Love those little piggies.

Little brother problems...

Some fun client gifts I helped put together. I would want to receive these in the mail!

When we came down to Austin for Rylan's birthday party, we enjoyed a fun night out with the Arnolds at Justine's Brasserie.

Grampsie knows how to multi-task. Grilling + bottle feeding on Father's Day.

This was also captured on Father's Day. There is nothing sweeter.

Ava put this outfit together all by herself. It was a mix of all light pink and dark pink, including the Minnie car. She was so proud.

She has also become quite the little artist. This family portrait is now hanging proudly in my office. 

One of my favorite images after the Supreme Court ruling. #lovewins

Celebrating free slurpee day with Bunny.

It was no Victor Tangos, but my first attempt at French 75s wasn't too shabby.

For Josh's co-worker's 40th birthday, we did an escape room adventure at Escape Expert. Unfortunately, only the most difficult room was free when they booked it, but we still did really well…despite not actually escaping. I love puzzles and games, and we will totally be back to try our hand at another room! 

After failing at our escape attempt, we ended the night with some fun at Dave & Buster's. The boys were serious about those games.

Further proof that daycare teachers are in fact miracle workers: a group of one-year-olds sitting quietly for storytime. 

Speaking of daycare, I feel like I pack so much food for Rylan, but his teachers keep asking me to send more. Below are two example lunches (plus his snack in the picture on the right). I am still getting used to the difference between feeding girls and boys.
Speaking of lunch (did you catch that double-segue?), I helped a co-worker seek justice for her stolen lunch. They ate her lunch and then left the empty box in the kitchen trash. We clearly had to draw sad faces on those ravioli. 

But the lunch thief was vindicated the next day when it became clear it had been a case of mistaken Lean Cuisine identity.

Josh rounded out July with a trip to his cousin's wedding in Seal Beach. 

His fun pictures made us a little jealous. 
But don't worry, we some fun of our own at home.

We practiced spoon skills...

Snuggled on the couch....

Invited the girls over for a wine and cheese (and lots of other food) night...

And watched our baby officially turn into a toddler...

I'd say that we had quite a fun-filled June and July.

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