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Web Crush Wednesday | Farmers Market

Due to the fact that it is "National Farmers Market Week," today's edition of Web Crush Wednesday includes links to tips, recipes, and other fun finds inspired by the theme of buying local.

I have fond memories of visiting the farmers market in Austin as a kid, and my favorite items were always the Fredericksburg peaches and flavored honey straws. We made our first visit to the Dallas Farmers Market recently (not sure why it took us so long), and it was such a fun family outing. I was worried the heat would be too much to handle, but the fans and misters in the covered space kept the temperature bearable. We came home with a large stash of tomatoes, cucumbers, red potatoes, and peaches as well as some local honey and amazing goat cheese sold by a father-daughter team. We will definitely be back soon.

Why Buy Local. Because I love a good infographic, I figured this depiction of the environmental and economic benefits of buying local would be a great place to start.

How to Master Your Local Farmers Market. If you are new to the farmers market scene, this article gives some good tips on how to make the most of your trip. (Also: LC has come a long way since her reality show days.)

A Seasonal Guide to Your Farmers Market. One of the tips contained in the above-mentioned article is to know your seasons, and this chart can help you do just that. Note that the full version is the last image in the slideshow.

Baggu Duck Bag. I love our Baggu reusable grocery bags (colorful, machine-washable, and durable as all get out), and I recently discovered that the company offers a variety of other bags. This adorable canvas bag would be perfect for the market. It comes in numerous colors, but I'm a sucker for stripes.

Market List Notepads. While I prefer to be inspired by what looks the best at the farmers market that day, checking off items on these Rifle Paper Co. notepads would make my heart happy.
Miniature Strawberry Buttermilk Buckle. The only thing missing from this dessert is Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla. Sigh.

One Pot Farmers Market Pasta. A healthy, easy, and beautiful dish. Sold.

11 Secrets to Properly Freezing Produce. Great tips on how to save your farmers market finds for a rainy day. Who knew you could freeze avocados?!

Farmers Market Breakfast Tacos. Goodness gracious. Just as the author says, I would never have thought to pair a balsamic vinaigrette with eggs and bacon, but I am more than willing to give this a try.

Buttermilk-Blueberry Breakfast Cake. Rylan would eat a whole carton of blueberries if we let him, but Ava shares my disdain for the fresh variety of this tiny fruit. However, baked goods containing blueberries are a whole other story, and we would all be down for this breakfast treat.

Vintage Farmers Market Birthday Party. You have to check out all the photos of this party. I mean...the details! This farmers market birthday party is similarly adorable.

Boy-Friendly Farmers Market Birthday Party. Seeing as how my daughter's birthday falls deep in the heart of winter, it will be way more likely that I throw a farmers market-themed birthday party for Rylan. I love how this party is more "boyish"...complete with a planting activity to get their little hands dirty.

Fruit Cookie Cutters. These would be perfect if you are planning a farmers market party. Or just for fun.
Farmers Market Cornbread. I absolutely love the idea of chunky veggies and cheese topping some skillet cornbread. Gorgeous.

Cinnamon Apple Chips. These healthy snacks would be perfect once fall rolls around.

Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies. Who says our apple treats need to be healthy?

Five Farmers Market Activities for Kids. My kids had fun simply strolling around the market, but these activities will be good to keep in mind for future visits.

Cheesy Bacon and Corn Stuffed Zucchini. Because cheese and bacon always make vegetables taste better.

Anthropologie Farmers Market Baskets. While definitely on the frivolous side, these farmers market baskets are so adorable. (I would buy everything on the Anthro website if I could.) Unfortunately, it looks like they only have the blue color left online.

Spicy Crunchy Dill Pickles. My Dad recently started making homemade pickles, and we were the grateful recipient of several jars. On Josh's behalf, I am making a formal request that he try out this recipe next.

Tomato and Goat Cheese Cobbler. The combination of roasted tomatoes and goat cheese is one of my weaknesses, and I can't stop staring at this picture. Come to mama.

Strawberry Dress. The fabric combination. The strawberries. The flutter sleeves. I know a little girl who needs this dress in her life.

Spicy Cucumber Margaritas. Because after you are done making pickles, all those extra cucumbers are just asking to be added to a cocktail. These have Jill's name written all over them.

Farmers Market Hash with Poached Eggs. We made a similar hash using parts of our recent farmers market haul, and this would have been the perfect way to use the leftovers.

Home Made Cookbook. This beautiful and quirky cookbook has been on my wish list for a while. In addition to more than 200 recipes, the book includes tips for preserving vegetables, making jams, smoking fish and meat, and making homemade cheese. The author, Yvette van Boven, even took the homemade approach to heart with the cookbook itself - she created the fonts, drew the illustrations, wrote all the recipes, prepared the food for the photographs, and designed the book. And her husband took the photos. Impressive!
Honey Ricotta Ice Cream. This ice cream is so incredibly dreamy. And it would be the perfect way to use some of our Round Rock Honey.

Land of Nod Play Stand. The versatile "What's That Stand For Play Stand" can be turned into a plethora of pretend-play stations, including a market, theater, lemonade stand, and post office. This just might be Ava's big present from Santa this year.

IKEA Felt Fruit and Veggies. Land of Nod offers play fruit and veggies as well, but the IKEA ones are cheaper and equally as cute.

Sparkling Spiked Peach Lemonade. It is so unbelievably hot in Dallas right now, and there is no end in sight. A giant pitcher of this would certainly help.

Easy Ranch Baby Carrots. Roasted vegetables + ranch flavor = a definite must-try.

Locally Grown Shirts. Technically this isn't a web "crush" because we own several of these shirts, but I didn't realize that they make them for all the states. And I couldn't not include these in a post about buying local. Plus, tiny Ava…

Fried Green Tomatoes Caprese Stacks. Yes, please.

Farmers Market Themed Wedding. This wedding is both rustic and elegant….and so lovely.
More Farmers Market Wedding Inspiration. This cake!

Grilled Peaches with Maple Honey Marscapone Cheese. Peaches. Check. Honey. Check. This is the adult version of a dessert that would have made eight-year-old Catherine very happy.

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